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Holy Spirit Parenting 2

Q: My daughter asked me a question yesterday, and you sort of touched upon it in some of your emails today, but I didn't hear the direct answer. We were driving in the car and she just came up with this ……. Mommy, if everything is an illusion, then is God an illusion too?

I said, well, God is the only thing that's real. But she still seemed to be curious about it. As she is, so am I.

I'm going to let you answer this and whatever you say, I will read directly to her. You may even address her directly if you want. I mean, after I thought about it, I thought, that's kind of a really
good question, because, as clear as the messages I've gotten are, as "Real" as the experiences of the presence of God have been for me outside of time and space, how do I really know that this is not part
of another level of illusion.???

(she got me thinking now...)

A: Dear Sweet One

Every 'thing' is an illusion, because God is Whole and 'things' are parts or pieces. If you put all the pieces together - this is forgiveness. When you forget about all the pieces completely, You know YourSelf as Christ and feel as if God is smiling on You because God is real and so are You in Spirit.

I Love You!!!! ...Speaking on behalf of God


Q: My daughter Amanda LOVED your response to her question. I read this entry about the father/son issue and your response was right on.

From a practical standpoint, I have used the healing of my mind to deal with my daughter since she was about 5. I began to notice how her "behaviour" always mirrored what was going on in my own mind.

Once I began to see that very clearly, I began to use her as a sort of barometer of my state of mind. From a practical standpoint, I have given up trying to "socialize" my child. I had the realization that all the years of trying to undo the ego, why on earth would I want to help her develop one?

I let her be who she is. If the school has a problem, that's the school's problem. If her dad or others have a problem, that is also not my concern. It was in giving up the "battle" with my child that the real battle was won, the battle against myself. Our children are our closest link to the Holy Spirit. All we have to do is look at them, and see that they are reflections of the purest form of unconditional Love known in this world.

My child mirrors back to me all the Love of The Christ. She also helps me to gently see when I am going into ego. She knows this herself at this point. For example, the other night when we came home and the dogs were attacking each other, I was trying to get them to stop and a real battle ensued, and Amanda gently and lovingly walked up to me and said "they are just showing you how you're feeling today mommy".

And she was right. I had a very stressful day that day and lost my own peace several times. It is now to the point where I actually hear the Holy Spirit speak to me through her. Because I get the lesson, she is just a reflection of me, it always works together for Good. When she asks a question, I know it is me who really wants the answer, and when I let the Holy Spirit speak through me, I get the answer that I need. When I need to see something that I'm holding on to, she lovingly shows it to me, not so much in actions anymore, as she is the most peaceful child I have ever known, but with her gentle words.

Just before school let out, she had a story that I had her share with my course group. She had been caught talking in class, and they sent her to a separate table to sit alone to "think" about what she had
done. Very soon after another child was sent there, and he was screaming and crying and very upset. Amanda said "I saw that little boys tears and I knew that he was a reflection of how I was feeling, so I closed my eyes and I pictured him really happy and when I opened them again, he was looking at me with a smile, and we both started laughing, so much that we couldn't stop"... She shared with the group that she knew that she had a decision to make, to sit there and be unhappy, or to chose another emotion, and she chose laughter and happiness instead. I was so proud of her that I had her tell the story to the group.

Once, after my father had died, I was going through a very rough time, and she came home with a book and said that my father spoke to her in the library and wanted her to give me this book and she turned it to the page she claims my father told her to show me. It was a Dr. Seuss book, the page showed a picture of a man sitting on a cactus in the lotus position, singing at the top of his lungs and looking verypeaceful and happy, and the caption read "tho he sat in a very prickley place, he sang with a sunny sweet smile on his face".

All of these things, and many many more examples and stories I could tell, are happening in my life because I have seen her with my right-mind perspective, and lived accordingly. Children are such ablessing and such miraculously clear channels and mirrors. As parents, we have such an awesome opportunity to not only teach our children with Christ, but to learn Christ through them. I'm thinking of starting a children’s ACIM group, because they are such powerful little channels/mirrors. They are perfect for us. They are our awakening made simple. ALL we have to do is see them with our right
mind, and the rest is the miracle. Simple simple simple!

They learn the metaphysics of the Course so much faster and easier than we do. Everyone who ever says, I can't wait ‘til my child gets older so that I can teach them the course, believe me when I say, they teach US the course. And if we just offer to them the metaphysics, they take it and run with it, and then you have the best teacher this earth could offer you right in your own home!!!!

Love you always...

A: Beloved One

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and examples and experiences. I am sure these will touch many hearts pondering and dealing with the same opportunities for healing. I am honored by your devotion to Awakening and by your daughter's devotion to Awakening. I am grateful to share the witness for healing with everyOne! Forever Grateful.

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