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Healing and Medicines / The Use of Symbols

Q: I ordered and received the ACIM books and am just getting started. The course teaches that believing in medicine is like believing in magic, and I can see that. I have, over the last several years adjusted and increased vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, herbs etc. trying to improve several conditions which I had associated with age, inheritance, stress, etc.

However, while doing this, I have been also implementing practices of recognizing belief systems and their origins, releasing the need for them, also releasing others from blame as I discovered some of the beliefs were based in unforgiveness.

I have relentlessly pursued releasing and forgiving life perspectives and people who might have contributed to such beliefs. Of course, I have had dramatic health changes but have attributed my wellness to the change in my thoughts as well as to the nutrients. As I look at it though, most likely most of my healing has probably come about because of the release of those belief systems. However, some of those healings may have come about because of belief in certain nutrients.

How do I begin making the transition? I have just not purchased any more of certain substances when they have run out, such as melatonin and valerian for sleeping, and pain medications; I find I sleep very well now and do not have the incessant pain. Releasing and forgiving certain perceptions has relieved me of a lot of stress. My mother has alzeimer's disease, and a few years ago, I thought I was having some of the symptoms, but as I have released perceptions, I have less stress, which perhaps was contributing. I seem to be able to complete almost anything I start now without a mental block, but I have so little on my mind anymore. My health is less than perfect, but not crippling.

I read some books once written at the turn of the century by Spalding, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, wherein he was a follower and a student to these "Masters" for awhile. I remember his saying that some or one of these masters would subsist on one grain of rice for quite a long time, on the premise that the body creates what it needs, according to the individual's belief. The Bible says that the Spirit quickens or enlivens the flesh. Please comment or correct as you are led.
Also, can you give me an understandable definition of "level confusion", as is mentioned often in ACIM.

I hope you have time for this. I know you must get many letters. Thank you and Love


A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. The saying goes: "Mind over matter."

Illness and health are solely mental, and the belief in the physical or the manifest is the basis of all conflict, disease, stress, and upset. The mind is causative, yet the sleeping mind remembers not the making of the world. The sleeping mind believes that the world the ego made turned around and made the body self. This is the belief in physical "birth." Thus it appears that events and circumstances happen to the body apart from its asking or control. The first step in healing this cause-effect split and reversal is opening to the realization that everything which seems to happen is the result of belief. The mind perceives what the mind believes. Questioning what is believed is therefore a way of raising the ego belief system to the Light.

Level confusion is the belief that time-space-matter is causative instead of an unreal effect of an unreal "cause."
There is nothing causative in the material universe, and the sleeping mind is imprisoned by its own beliefs.

Once the ego belief system is exposed as having no foundation, the effects it seemed to produce are seen as causeless. Appearances and images are seen for what they are, illusion, and no longer are they endowed with "life" and "meaning."

Right-mindedness or miracle-mindedness is the end of level confusion, for the miracle simply sees the false as false. The miracle does not judge the contents of consciousness, for it sees their unreality. The Holy Spirit looks not to effects, having judged their "cause" as unreal. The ego is the unreal "cause."

Trust the Holy Spirit in the transition or transformation of mind. The Holy Spirit will reinterpret everything perceived with a new Perspective.

If you do the workbook lessons of ACIM and read the text, with openess and willingness, you will see that the Holy Spirit orchestrates everything of time-space for your benefit. Time is actually under the direction of the miracle-worker, for the miracle-worker is aligned with the Holy Spirit's use of time.

The Holy Spirit will instruct you on what is most helpful in terms of using time and the symbols of time. The body, diet, medicine, exercise, and activity in general are best given over to the Holy Spirit. The specifics are used by the Holy Spirit in the workbook practice until the Divine Principle is transferred and applied so consistently that the belief in specifics is completely undone.

In accepting Atonement the mind is thus prepared for the remembrance of Light or Divine Abstraction in God.

Happy application Beloved One.

Blessings of Love.

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