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God is a Pure Idea as is Christ

Q: I live in Australia. I continue to read from your awakening site with great interest, often it is so helpful and much appreciated. I notice that you don’t seem to judge the ego, or at least the ego takes a back seat in your writings.

Other sites emphasis it all differently. In a recent post, this point was made: If you believe that you know what Love is, and that you can of yourself forgive, or you have something that others do not have and you can give it to them (like love) you are believing that you are God. As long as you think that the world is real and that the body is alive, you believe that you are God. It would seem to me that we cannot go past this false idea of God because we cannot see without the ego.

When I first read the Course, God completely disappeared. I found myself saying there is no God. So as long as we are here we cannot know God. So do we see God as completely made up? The Course does say that even God is an idea. The ancient Gnostics used to be of the opinion that when one has transcended then one sees that you are THAT. To my way of thinking, THAT is our very essence. We become God. "Love is what you are." First we go through various stages till we grasp THAT. But we are always THAT (when the ego is out of the way). According to the above post, one is just being arrogant to think this way? Like a no win situation. The dog chasing its own tail.

Bless you for all your encouragements

A: Beloved One

Forgiveness clears the way for remembrance of God, so that is always the focus. Until the mind releases the error of ego, the fear of a make-believe "god" is buried deep in the unconscious mind. In this respect it takes forgiveness or release of the entire ego belief system before the Memory of God's Love can return fully into awareness.

God is a Pure Idea as is Christ. When the mind is emptied of false concepts and beliefs, the Pure Idea remains - Eternal and Perfect.

"I am as God created Me" is another way of saying Love is What You are.

I am grateful that the web site has been helpful for you. Thanks for writing and I hope to see you soon.

Love always.

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