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A Forgiven World

As the ego is unlearned, undone, & dissolved, we learn of a forgiven world, a world washed clean and clear of judgment.

The beautiful and wondrous lesson to learn about this world is complete gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone AS IS.

This is the giving up of the belief in hypothetical thinking:

(that things could be or would have been better off if they were different).

Truly all things work together for good and this is experienced from the Spirit's Perspective (Now), which is far beyond all personal judgments and classifications and expectations.

Situational wishes often seem to be granted, but the Grandest Wish of All is forgiveness of illusions, reflecting the All-Inclusiveness of Love.

What greater gift could there be than to look on all things with great love, gratitude, and full appreciation (a forgiven world) and to Awaken to the Eternal Love of God.

Here's to living a Life of unending Joy!


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