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ACIM: Forgiveness is Easy / Judgment is Impossible

Forgiveness is the most natural thought that relates to this world. To release what never was cannot be difficult. To give up what one never had is really very funny to behold. The joke of the world is very funny when one sees it as nothing.

How could a Child of God judge since Creation knows not of judgment? And what is Creation but God's Beloved Child? Judgment is impossible in One Being, for there is nothing to "judge between" in Oneness. Such is Love. Love precludes the possibility of judgment. That is why forgiveness is so very easy. As a reflection of Love, forgiveness is the realization of the impossibility of judgment or condemnation or attack. How could there ever be an opposite to Love? The Law of Love is the Only Law, the Only Being!

God does not forgive, for God has never condemned. Forgiveness is the only need of this world, for forgiveness sees its impossibility. It cannot be difficult to overlook what is not there. And since Love is real, where could a world of separation really be? Nowhere indeed!

Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for the time of illusions has passed. Forgiveness only seemed radical to the ego, the thought that never was. Forgiveness is the most easy, natural concept that can ever be learned, for once learned it disappears as well. Forgiveness is forgotten once it is learned, for Reality is all that "remains."

All is One Being -- Love! And Thank You God for creating Love as One forever!!! Amen.

Love & Blessings.

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