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Finding: Seek No Further

Be willing to discover that you are a "seeker" no longer, but One Who Is.

Just what would change in experience (besides everything) if the Real You experienced True Identity and flowed from knowing Union with God instead of clinging to doubt and walking on fearful eggshells seeking it?

You know the Answer. You ARE the Answer.

It would mean having no excuses for holding on to the belief in victimhood.
It would be an end to the cry: "But what about me?"
It would mean being Free to Love without limits.
It would mean not coddling anyone who appears to be settling for less by saying, "Yeah, I know what you mean."
It would mean choosing prayer, meditation, etc. each morning instead of jumping onto the train of ego
meanderings and busy nothings.
It would mean that responsibility for the Atonement, for Complete Inner Peace, has been accepted.
It would mean seeing the nothingness of the belief in "the crowd of mass sleepiness," and basking in the Light of Heaven within.
It would mean eye contact (from the Window of the Soul) with the grocery clerk and the person on the street and everyone that comes to mind... Real... Deep... Contact from within the Core of Beingness.
It would mean feeling Deeply without resistance.
It would mean a depth of Peace that is so All-encompassing that for an Instant the world disappears and the experience of True Vision dawns.
It would mean dancing in indescribable Joy and experiencing Awe about the Power and Glory and Everlasting Love of God!
It would mean living in a Universe that makes no mistakes, thus having not one thing to judge.

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