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Can Enlightenment be Received by 'Hands On' Transference?

Q: I had a chat with my friend today about diksha which was very interesting. I feel urged to ask you to give me your views on diksha and this whole (expaaaaanding) movement. I have deep trust in you and value your clarity.

What I'm particularly curious about is, is this diksha phenomena serious in your eyes and do you think it can cause an actual permanent change and lead to permanent enlightenment. To me it seems quite easy just to receive diksha (hands on transference) and then you can move to enlightenment, or realize you're already there, while ACIM seems to take much, much longer time and study.

Since these questions keep haunting my mind I think I'd better ask them, even though the fact that I'm trying to compare two different paths to the same destination.

I've attached an article written by ** in which he tells about the avatar, **, about the enlightenment process, the leading into The Golden Age, and about the diksha giving.

I'd like you to comment on this exciting topic.

Trust you are very well, my brother. Love.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. There are many concepts that are stepping stones toward Enlightenment, yet all of them must evaporate before the mind is emptied of false belief. There is no body or action or time-space event that can save the mind or set it free, for there is nothing apart from mind. Your desire and willingness will call forth witnesses to Awakening, and there is nothing in form that can speed up Awakening - for form but witnesses to the desire within. People and actions are symbols, and mastery of mind can be reflected with symbols, yet there is no shortcut or substitute for the requirement of emptying the mind of every thought and belief.

A Course in Miracles is a very direct path when the desire for Awakening is strong, and all books and teachers and events can but reflect the desire of the heart. Enlightenment is never a matter of time of study or proximity/transference with a guru or a special energy transmission, for these are but effects of belief. All beliefs must be exposed and released to make way for complete forgiveness, which is an experience that transcends specifics in its wholeness.

There is no causation in form, and this includes the concept of diksha. The mind must be emptied of all specific concepts, even those about energy, to be still and at rest forever.

Blessings of Love.

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