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Why is my Life Dominated by Fear?

Q: Why is my life dominated by fear even though I try hard to rid myself of fear?

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. This world is the attempt to believe in BOTH love and fear. Yet they do not go together and cannot both be true. Initially the attempt to get rid of fear involves the manipulation or control of images, appearances, situations, and circumstances. Jobs, skills, insurance, protective devices, and defenses were made to reduce fear without eliminating it. Fear made them all and fear cannot be escaped by attempting to manage or control what was made to keep the fear in place.

Mastery through Love requires the willingness to forgive or release what fear has made. Awakening requires the surrender or the yielding into the Purpose/Perspective of the Holy Spirit. In this Purpose/Perspective it is apparent that there is nothing to fear.

The ego is afraid of Love, and as long as you identify with the ego you will be afraid of Love. Simply do not protect or defend the self-concept image the ego offers and it dawns that the Spirit Identity is invulnerable and needs no protection. In my defenselessness my safety lies. This is why it is always wise to turn the other cheek, to be meek, to forgive 70 X 7, to resist not evil, to love your enemies and bless those who curse you.

To cling to a body identity is to make fear real in awareness.

Forgiveness undoes this illusory fear by demonstrating that you are not a body or in a body. You are mind, wholly mind, purely mind, and this unified mind is invulnerable. Christ remains an Idea in the Mind of God. Identify with God and you are safe. Identify with God and you are healed. Identify with God and you are Home.

Let your 'try hard' effort be aimed at emptying the mind of all of its false self-concepts. The belief in them seemed fearful indeed. Yet they were never true. The Self God creates is ever True, and this Self is Spirit. This Self needs no defense or protection, and you can give your mind permission to release the many meaningless pursuits designed to protect and build and defend a false image.

I am joined with you in this Purpose and we cannot fail to recognize the Truth. You have been afraid of God's Love, thinking the fear was something else. Now it is time to see that the release of illusions of self and world is the release of nothing. Happiness and Peace await only acceptance, for they are ever available Now. Partake!

Love & Peace.

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