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Opening to Divine Love

It always feels heart-warming to extend Divine Love. Releasing the temptation to look outside for the "source of love" and instead extending the Love within is the key to a lasting happiness. For Love is like a never ending well spring bubbling up, and the more we extend It the more we are aware that we have It and are It. Love makes no distinctions and does not discriminate, for Love baths all in its kindly Light. This is what makes Love a gift to all.

The world was made as a substitute for Divine Love. The world's "love" involves bargains, reciprocity, control, specialness, and its core characteristic is possessiveness. While Divine Love radiates and shines without limitation, condition, or restriction, possessive "love" is full of rules, boundaries, demands, and expectations. Divine Love is free and freely given. Possessive "love" is always looking for what it will get in return. Possessive "love" has many strings attached to its "gift." Divine Love knows not of strings or attachments, for it flows as powerfully and silently and joyfully and as freely as a Grand River.

We can not direct the Course of Love. We can surrender into the Current of Divine Love and it will carry us until happily we realize that the I am Presence of Divine Love is our very Self In God. The Love of God is Everlasting, and thus everything else that seems to be will fade and disappear as we remember the Everlasting Light of Divine Love. Glory to God for creating Divine Love as One!

Blessings to You Holy Child of God.

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