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What I Can Control vs What I Can't Control

Q: I listened to your tape "No Control over the world", and found that it raised lots of confusion in my mind. I attach a file with my more detailed request for clarification.

When I was young, I thought I had control over everything in my life. (work, who my friends were, what I did for pleasure and time off, what I did for hobbies, etc) I thought I had no control over sickness, violence from others, war, accidents, etc.

Now that I'm getting older (52) I need to wear glasses and find I can't see with them, or without them, my memory is failing, my ability to learn new technologies is getting more difficult, etc. I find that I have less and less control over the loss of function, and that I'm heading to where my mother is --in a wheelchair in a home. I seem to be at a loss to control the human decline. If I understand the tape, I might as well accept the fact that the body is aging and function is leaving. The mind would be at least relieved of the worry. It too is not as sharp as it was. I can't remember people's names and often words I know simply do not come, or come in the wrong language.

In spite of the detailed questions and resulting confusion, I did get a clear visualization after the tape, that my life is like a person on a carpet. (the carpet you spoke of which rolls up when time is done) So every decision I make on the carpet, the carpet unrolls according to my decisions. If I decide to turn right, it also turns right and unrolls before me, and if I look down the carpet I see my imagined future. If I look back over the carpet, I see my past story. If I turn left, the carpet proceeds me. When the mind dis-engages, and when it no longer sees itself as part of the person on the carpet, it appears that the whole carpet (past and present) is really a dream, since it is not in the reality of the mind who was identified with the person before. Thus you say it "is past" because it is outside of timelessness. The visualization also explains to me why there is no randomness in reality... because all there is is Mind, and mind is both love and knowledge at the same time, so once one is identified with the Big Mind, then they could never see randomness which implies action without intelligence...

Anyway, I'm sure that your words of wisdom will shed clarity on these issues, so this is lesson 1 of "How to recognize what I can control vs what I can not control"

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing and sharing your questions and ponderings. Awakening is simply the clear awareness that State of Mind (Peace, Happiness, Freedom, Joy) is true Self Responsibility and the belief (ego) that seemed to make the cosmos has had no effect on Reality (Truth of Spirit).

To live in the Present is to Be, free of the illusory limits of time-space. You can control the direction of
your thinking and can therefore align with the Holy Spirit in the Present Moment. Practicing with willingness the ability to choose the Holy Spirit will yield the experience of Being, Which is far beyond the illusory concept of choice.

It is true that nothing is random. The script of the cosmos played out in one seeming "unholy instant" and was Corrected or Neutralized by the Holy Spirit. Flow with the Love of the Holy Spirit and it becomes apparent that all seeming decisions in form are already made. This is the experience of the happy dream of non-judgment. Prayer, mind watching, and forgiveness yield the experience that all form is false appearance and past, and what is past cannot be changed - only recognized as over and gone. Time and space are one illusion, and peace of mind comes the instant the illusion is forgiven or released.

Life is our Spirit Which is Eternal. The body only seems to decline and age to the ego, the belief in time. Be comforted to know that Holy Spirit will arrange time and space for the miracles you will be sharing. Our joining shows that time has had no effect on our Identity in God. Nothing can change Eternal Love. What seems to fade was never Love, for Love is Everlasting.

Continue to open to the miracles the Holy Spirit offers. Listen to the gatherings offered online, pray for the Holy Spirit's Loving Interpretation, and everything will be revealed. Awakening is a Moment of readiness and willingness and actually has nothing to do with time at all. Give your mind permission to rest and soar in the Divinity within. Miracles offer an effortless way of flowing in the moment, and you will recognize them by the Ease through which they come. Release all attempts to control persons, places, and events, and watch with the Holy Spirit. Keep watch and there is only an experience of light-heartedness. Nothing else really matters.

Love & Blessings Now & Always.

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