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Coming to Consistency

Q: How does one remember to hold the hand of the Holy Spirit or Jesus every minute of the day? I seem to be helpless and wandering to commit errors again and again, and find out only that I am not holding His hand. Please teach me. Thanks

A: Teaching and thinking are synonymous. The mind is constantly teaching itself what it is by the thoughts it has. The deceived mind is confused and conflicted for it attempts to hold in mind two irreconcilable thought systems: God's and the ego's. When the mind is untrained, vacillations in thought simply describe the deceived condition of the sleeping mind. The mind that seems to have forgotten its wholeness (and holiness) believes it has two parts. The Holy Spirit's function is the sorting out and release of the false (forgiveness) and the remembrance of the true (Awakening).

The first important thing to remember is that an error is a mistake in thinking, and just a mistake. The only thing to do when you recognize a mistake is to release it immediately. Hand the mistake over to the Holy Spirit or Jesus and trust that it has been released from your mind. Hop off the ego's train of thought. Do not repeat or compound the mistake by continuing with it, by staying on the train. Now is the moment of release and the present is free and clean and untarnished by the past. Practice being still in the present, for such is meditation.

The second important thing to remember is that you are worthy of healing and receiving and remembering God's Love. The belief in unworthiness is the ego, and You are not the ego. You are an Idea in the Mind of God, wholly loving and wholly lovable. You are not capable of changing Eternal Love or of becoming something apart from Love. Errors are corrected as they are brought into awareness and released. This is the same as saying mistakes are forgiven or released when they are raised to the Light of Truth. Awakening to Christ is inevitable, so relax and do not judge yourself -- not because you shouldn't -- but because you are incapable of judgment. God gives creative ability to His Creation, not evaluative ability. Only the ego evaluates and analyzes, for only the ego divides and separates. The ego is not You. You are the Gift of God.

Consistency comes with practice and transfer of training. Remember the mantra: "This does not mean anything." Apply it to all the thoughts and sights and sounds of the world, and great will be your reward. For peace of mind comes to the willing mind which has been emptied of idols. And the feeling of gratitude will grow stronger and stronger in your heart. The strength of the Stillness, the Silence within, will carry you gently to the remembrance of Christ. And the Christ will dawn in awareness: I am still as God created Me.

Peace & Blessings always.

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