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Come and See

Beloved One

There is nothing left to seek for in this world when it can be exchanged for another one. No thought of gain or loss, winning or losing, success or failure ever had any meaning. Fantasy is not real and dreaming is not Being One. You are ready to Awaken to Oneness. And as you awaken the whole world awakens as well. For the world was never more than a misperception. As perception becomes whole, the single mind sees only wholeness. At last you are ready to see with Inner Vision, and you realize that "physical sight" was nothing but the illusion of being in the dark. The Light has come and it is time
to rejoice! It is time!

Teaching and learning true forgiveness is being aware that one is never upset by anything but erroneous thoughts, and that those erroneous thoughts can be released. True forgiveness is the release of all hurts and grievances and grudges that block the awareness of the Divine Love that is God-given and exists in everyone and everything. True forgiveness is releasing all anger and hatred and guilt and fear by seeing that they came from an error or mistaken belief that was only an attempt to forget the Love of God. Living and extending inner peace is the natural result of true forgiveness, for when error has been laid aside and a healing Correction accepted in its place, peace prevails. To extend peace, one must be peaceful. To teach peace, one must learn it for oneself. No one can offer a gift they do not already possess. Likewise, peace of mind cannot be found outside one's own mind, for it depends not on the world. Peace comes from God and is a natural extension of God. Therefore prayer and meditation are advocated as means to inner peace and harmony. Religion is the experience of inner peace and education (which is the unlearning of falsity) is but a means of coming to the experience of inner peace.

We were brought together by God to serve the Plan of Awakening, to treat each other with dignity, respect, kindness, holiness, and to Awaken to our Divine Love. We approach our Purpose for coming together with great reverence and devotion. It is the core of our Life in God. Our relationship is our Relationship with everything and everyone, for we live and love as God lives and loves, unconditionally, all-inclusively, and free of specialness. There is no jealousy or exclusion in Love. We join with all in experiencing the all-inclusiveness of the family of God, where no brother or sister is seen as separate or apart from the Whole of God. Our hearts are filled with Love and gratitude for our Relationship in God. We are glad that this joy is not dependent on where bodies seem to be or whether or not they seem to be "together." We are created by a Pure Idea, and we are like our Source. We are Spirit as God is Spirit, and we are overflowing with thankfulness that this truth is dawning as the Mind we share. Our walk together is for the Purpose of accepting our Divine Source and laying aside all thought of the world as the source of anything.

Thank you for your devotion to Awakening!

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