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Q: My dear friend

After studying/practicing ACIM for many, many years now, I still do not have a clue as to what this is all about. Here are some of my thoughts that are coming to my mind.

If I am the dreamer of the dream and the dream figures do not exist, then I am the only stupid fool and spirit appears as every one else as enlightened not enlightened etc. to wake me up. All these people,
books, tapes and things are appearing to this stupid fool to make me understand my stupidity. If there are no other bodies or things, it is just my hallucination that others are joyful or suffering. I am seeing and experiencing what is not there. So in waking up I am not doing anyone any good other than just helping only me. I cannot but feel embarrassed that I am the only fool in the universe. These
thoughts are really depressing. These may just be the rantings of the ego. But right now I have no other experience or way to perceive than this. Would you please bring some light into this darkened mind?

Thank you.


The guy who still cannot shake the belief in the ego in spite of ACIM.

A: Beloved One

Thanks for writing. Your e-mail reminds me of an early Bee Gees song from many years ago called "I Started A Joke." It had a line that went: "I started a joke that started the whole world crying, but I couldn't see the joke was on me."

The cosmos seemed to "begin" with a tiny, mad idea at which the Christ remembered not to laugh. To take separation seriously is to believe in the impossible, for Creator and Creation share One Will and cannot be separate. The Holy Spirit beholds the impossibility of the error, for our Identity is holy and any judgment merely clouds the mind and obscures the holiness that is ever-Present. You are Spirit, not the ego.

A Course In Miracles is a tool for uncovering and exposing the lie of separation. Until the lie is released a judgment is placed on the Christ Identity Which is far beyond the possibility of judgment. The ego may seem to condemn itself as "stupid," but the ego has no power to detract from the Love Which remains forever undefiled by error. The error is impossible and need only be exposed as impossible. Labeling the error but seems to give reality to its nothingness.

The dreamer of the dream dreams peacefully and softly, for the world is perceived without judgment. The forgiven world is a world of sameness, for differences have no validity. There are no enlightened persons or unenlightened persons, for the construct of "personhood" was the veil which covered over the unified mind. The error of private minds with private thoughts has no basis and cannot stand in the Light of Truth. When the darkness of separation is brought to Light, only Light remains. When one admits that perception has been distorted, the opening to True Vision can begin. It is impossible to accept the Correction until the problem has clearly been seen as a perceptual problem. Let all your efforts be aimed at this one awareness, and then let the Holy Spirit show you another way of looking at the world. The Correction will mean nothing to you until you have recognized the problem as where it is (in mind) and what it is (belief in separation).
There are no problems apart from the mind. Come back to this simple reminder when you are tempted to project the error to persons, places, or things of the cosmos. Forgive what seemed to happen and accept Atonement, for Atonement demonstrates that the separation never happened. Abide in Peace, for Peace is Who You are.

Love & Blessings.

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