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Clarifying the Meaning of Free Will

Free Will is another name for God's Will, for it is eternally free, happy, peaceful, and joyful. This State of Mind is Perfection or Reality or Truth. The Will is free in perfect Oneness and Union, and this freedom is a characteristic of Spirit or Eternal Creation, which is the abstract Light of unconditional love sometimes reported in "near death experiences." This Light is total understanding and Love, or Oneness. God creates only Light and Oneness. Duality is the illusion of the ego.

Choice did not seem to arise until the "fall from Grace" that reflects the belief that separation from God is possible. This belief in separation produces what appears to be a dualistic dream-world of extremes and opposites: the time-space cosmos. These seeming "choices between specifics" which are the common "choices of the world" are a distraction from understanding that the choice of purpose in one's mind is the only meaningful choice remaining to the dreamer of the dream-world.

No one can serve two masters, and the ego's voice and the inner voice of the Spirit are as different in purpose as night and day. Learning to discern between these two voices, lay aside the ego, and align
completely with the Voice for God is the goal of life, for God's Will for us is perfect happiness. The Voice for God leads to awakening from the dream-world of fear to the Reality of Eternal Love and

What does it require to remember God? Nothing in Reality. You don't need to do anything to Be What You Are. If the illusion of time still seems real, what is your only need? You know the answer.... The
forgetting of this world of fragmentation, the forgiveness of illusions, the releasing of the past. Don't put your faith in the ego and its laws of economics, medicine, nutrition, physics, friendship, and its doctrines, rituals, and creeds that tell you that you must "struggle" to survive. Let go of the belief that you are confined to a body. Let go of the belief that you have a past or a future. Watch your care and concerns disappear from awareness. Behold, the blazing light of your True Identity in God, changeless and timeless. The truth is now, the present moment, free of all illusory restrictions and limitations.

In Awakening to God you will first have a happy dream, cleansed of judgments and grievances. Joy and laughter will replace sadness and sorrow. The mind becomes completely "saved" from the belief in error, and what was error but a mistake to be corrected by the Holy Spirit, the Answer within. Now is the time of release, for happy dreams lead to Awakening to Love and Light, Peace Eternal. Welcome Home Holy Child of the Living God!

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