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Christ Mind Interview

Q: What for you is Christ Mind?

A: Vast, vast experience of unconditional Agape love, nothing else in mind but that love the expression of that love, not of this world. To me Christ Mind is even beyond a unified field. It is so vast that it transcends perception, it transcends what for centuries has been called matter, and now as we see with Quantum physics that the unified field is completely overthrowing the laws of Newton, the behaviors of objects, the physics and so forth. I would say that the observer in Quantum physics is the closest that we come in this world to Christ Mind, which is vast love, One with the Creator.

Q: Tell us more about this witness or observer in the context of Christ Mind. What it actually is and how people can enter into that?

A: I'd say Jesus was a demonstration of this Witness Self or this observer. He would say things like, "before you remove the speck out of your brothers' eye remove the log or the beam out of your own." He was talking about perception, he was talking about distortion in perception.

Q: So you are saying the Witness is a clear perception without any distortion in the perception?

A: Yes, the Witness is a clear seeing, it is a total all inclusive seeing, and even that is not the Christ Vision; that's only the gateway. There have been experiences in my life where I was in such deep meditation. I was doing an open eyed meditation with someone sitting across from me and I got so deep in my mind that the figure/ ground, the 3 dimensionality, collapsed, it started to look like a painting, and then it looked like a flimsy veil, and all of a sudden this amazing light started streaming through it, and this veil started to disappear. All this perception was like a veil drawn over this Vision, and then I got a glimpse into the Vision of Christ, which was this blazing light which was non-perceptual.

I could tell that the ego within me was terrified; more of that light, of losing control of the picture more than anything, and I had a real taste of the Vision of Christ mind, this abstract light that is beyond the veil. So since I had had those experiences I knew that my whole life would be dedicated to that light.

Q: So the Witness is the gateway to the Vision of Christ which is a blazing light? How can people who are reading this start to access that gateway?

A: Yes. These people have to be authentic. I mean we were just talking as we were walking here about holding on to the mask of spirituality, or holding onto some kind of differences or emphasizing one teaching over another, comparing, contrasting. All of that is just stuff that needs to come up into awareness and emotionally you can feel it; it doesn't feel like joining, it doesn't feel like joy and happiness if there is a 'my' way or a 'your' way, because there is still preference. And I would say the most striking characteristic of the Witness Self is it has no preferences; it is so all inclusive, it is so aware of the unity in the unification that it does not prefer this or that; it is all equally acceptable to the Witness Self.

Q: It is very interesting because when I look at someone for a few minutes they just dissolve completely like there is nothing there, and it all becomes like a dream. So the Witness becomes the actual experience or tangible 'seeing' of the dream. So what is the dream?

A: The dream is a group of images, just like when you go to sleep at night. They are all generated by the ego and there seems to be a lot of emotions associated with them, like you being chased, or there's a monster or a tsunami wave coming to get you -and the dream is meant to take the place of this abstract light. The dream is the veil. And the key to the dream is not to judge the dream as good or bad, the key is to come as the observer, or the dreamer, or the Witness state and to see it as a dream. So you are not identified as the dream figure; for as soon as there is identification with the dream figure, the body mind, as soon as that mind identifies with the body then it identifies with the figure in the dream. And then we have the split within the dream, in the perception of the subject and the object. The perceiver and the perceived. Really the whole dream is the perceived and there is no perceiver. And the Witness Self knows this; that it is unified, that there is a unified dream.

So there are no believers and non believers, no one who has it and ones who do not have it. No enlightened or ignorant. In the Witness Self everything and everyone is lit up, because everything is unified. So you will never hear a spiritual teacher who is truly enlightened saying I've got it and you don't. Because immediately, there is duality there. What you will hear from an enlightened teacher, like Jeshua, is 'Come you who are weary, judge not; be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect; I and the Father are one' Before Abraham was I AM. This is the Witness self; this is the gateway.

That's why I use the word forgive a lot; not to forgive somebody for what they have done wrong to you, or that the grievance was real; just a coming to a moment of humility where you realize that everything that occurred was perfect. No sense of victimization, no one that was harmed, nothing outside of it. In the Witness Self that would be seen as impossible... it never was the case that anybody was mistreated, it never was true that anyone was harmed, or attacked. In the Witness Self there is no attack.

Q: So for the Witness Self being the gateway into the dream and the dreamer, and then the reunification of the dream and the dreamer becoming in the perception one, and behind the perception lies Christ mind as a blazing light.

A: Yes, and in humanistic psychology, everything is good at the core, and in transpersonal psychology which emphasizes our oneness and our connection, and then as you move through to parapsychology you reach lucid dreaming where one knows that they are dreaming. Think how happy, how free, how defenseless you could be if you were watching this dream, with monsters, with dragons, or a whole army coming with machine guns, and you are in the back, in the position of lucid dreaming so you know you are dreaming. And what does it mean to know you are dreaming? It is to know that what you are watching is not real.

And therefore the Witness Self knows that it cannot be harmed. No matter what the content of the dream is, the observer knows that everything is connected. So this takes a lot of mind training, which is why we are traveling the world to share and we are demonstrating that this Witness Self is not only possible, not only attainable, it is inevitable, because it is natural.

We just keep walking around this park and keep coming back to the same note: how easy Oneness is. How difficult fragmentation is, and that is why we have a happy tune. We are saying give up your funeral dirges of the peoples of earth, come and rejoice in the Witness Self and open to the Christ Mind, to this Oneness that is forever true. To open to this requires an invitation. We, at this moment, are sitting in these beautiful botanical gardens, from an invitation. What I have discovered in my life is everything happens by invitation, because love will not force anything. Love will not try to convince or push something - love just is. It is what It Is. And yet there is an invitation to come into that. So as we travel, as we speak through the media, we have fun with many forms of expression, and what we are really doing is sending out an invitation. It's like Raj on Skype with his slogan... "I am the One, won't you join me there?"

He is sending out the invitation. And that is what we are all doing through all these means of expression... when people see we are happy, joyful, that we are non judgmental, that we do not need to put anybody down to be this awareness. In fact, it is inconceivable that love would put anybody down. Then people feel drawn to us - they show up. We are like witnesses to our Mind. And the witnesses are growing. It is so spacious when there is no judgment.

Q: What are 3 of the simplest things for people to access the Christ Mind and get themselves out of the way?

A: Trust your intuition or your Higher Power. Pay attention to your emotions - they are barometers. Awakening takes a lot of mind training and part of it is paying attention to your emotions, and to be genuine. Use simple language and do not pretend to be somewhere where you are not. If you are hurting its OK, if you feel guilt, shame and pain coming up... that's OK. Let your tears come let your anger come out. Let whatever is down there come to the surface... give yourself permission to move through. Then finally give yourself an opportunity with stillness. Whether you call it meditating, fishing, sailing on the ocean... whatever the form is, give yourself that peaceful easy feeling, a time to decompress, to unwind, relax, because that makes the intuition that much clearer.

Q: It is beyond the words, and it is a way of being. No words can describe the true teaching, a teaching that is a way of being.

A: It is like Gandhi saying to someone who asked him what he believed and he replied, "Follow me for a while and you will see."

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