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You Can't Mess Up: On Purpose and 'The Script'

Q: I'm pondering over how much IS script and how much isn't. The concept that everything is enfolding according to a script already written isn't new to me:

I love it because if I COULD live it to its last consequences, it would leave no place for guilt and blame nor on myself nor onto others. But, I can see also the danger: I could use it to excuse myself for doing all kind of nasty things; "It's my script, I can't help it!" could I say, and then somebody would do me another nasty thing, replying, "and this is MY script! How do you like THAT?!" I mean: WHAT IF IT IS NOT SO?! What if it is not a script at all?! What, if it is just a neat concept to take the worry out of a troubled mind?!

Of course, if all form is illusion, it can't matter if one illusion is showing up instead of an other because of a decision I took... It's illusion anyway. And in the end, there aren't any illusions that are more enjoyable than others - only the ego sees them that way, but not my true being. But, what about the other decisions?

What about the decisions of which purpose I will let to be my guide? To follow: the purpose of the Holy Spirit or the purpose of the ego?

Are those decisions also PART of the script? Or do "we" decide them?

And, if so: how do we do this? I mean: why is someone a searcher of truth and someone not? Why do I have certain thoughts and an other one not? Why I am writing right now this to you, and not sitting in a whorehouse? Because a thought came into my awareness? WHY did I decide to commit to awakening in the first place?! Because I wasn't happy anymore with life as it was... And I didn't decide that... it just what seemingly happened.

So then: is even the decision to let me guide by the Holy Spirit scripted? Is, if I will listen to His answer or not scripted? But, if all is the script, where is really there willingness?!

I'm asking you all these because several times I heard you mention this "it's all a script" concept, and then I watch a movie recommended by you like "What The Bleep", where the main message is - so it seems to me - THAT I CAN CHANGE, EVEN AS I WISH, THIS DREAM"REALITY"/ILLUSION! Can I change it, but only if the script does allow it?!
Or is the want-to-change-it AND the ACTUALLY CHANGING IT also just the script?!

As you may have noticed by now, I fear to screw it up somehow... Maybe I should just ask you: can I do whatever I most like to do, without endangering my path, my awakening? CAN I JUST LET GO OF THIS ENTIRE "ENLIGHTENMENT-BUSINESS, DO WHAT I MOST LIKE TO DO, AND IT WOULD STILL BE THE SCRIPT, AND ENLIGHTENMENT WOULD STILLA HAPPEN, ON ITS SCRIPTED "MOMENT”?


A: Beloved One

Happy to hear from you. I hope to see you next week in Cali!

The entire time-space cosmos is scripted, is the past. It is impossible to change the past, though it is inevitable that cosmos be forgiven. The only choice to make is the purpose you give to the script and the way you look upon it. The script is one and cannot be broken into the doer and the one who is done to. It is a script that is over and done and impossible to analyze. If you allow the mind permission to relax and enjoy the watching, the peace of mind is inevitable. Purpose is a decision of mind and as such is not 'in the script.' You might think of purpose as a higher order decision, a meaningful decision, whereas decisions between illusory forms has no relevance in reality. All of life is an opportunity to practice discerning and choosing to align with the Holy Spirit's Purpose.

It is therefore not so important what you do as it is important to be clear of your intention or motive, and this comes back to purpose. The choice for the Holy Spirit is truly unavoidable, so be vigilant in watching your mind and harboring no scrap of judgment. Then you will experience how simple and easy salvation is. For Love asks for nothing except to be ItSelf and to extend.

Relax and enjoy the show, and allow your mind to restfully watch. That is always good enough, for the Might of the Holy Spirit is joined with our mind. You can't mess it up, for Holy Spirit is in charge. There is no burden in trusting the Holy Spirit. All the mind is left with is a feeling of lightness and Divine Ease.

See you soon In Colombia!!!


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