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Beyond the Belief in Victimization

If there is such a thing as a "victim," there is no God. Yet since God is Real and All Loving, All Knowing, and All Powerful, victimization is impossible. What could victimization be but an illusion, a misperception. Questions about the "evil" or the "horrors" of the world are psuedo questions, for they but ask and answer from the assumption that error is real. The first question that ever seemed to be asked was asked by the ego: "Who am I?" And every question throughout history is but an illusory doubt about the Certainty of the I am Presence. God is without question. Christ is without question. Follow the trail of the question to the so-called "questioner." Seeing the impossibility of the "questioner" is True Freedom, for Identity in God is beyond question.

Search and question you will while illusions seem to persist. Question what you believe, what you assume to be true. Question your perceptions and your desire for things of the world. Question the faith which has been placed in the ego. Then ask yourself if there is anything worth hanging on to that perpetuates guilt and fear and hatred. The ego made this world. Instead of questioning the seeming effects of error, the persons, events, and circumstances of the world, it is good to question the underlying error that separation is possible at all. Why question effects when their "cause" is unreal and has no foundation. God did not create the ego, so it has no Source. God created His Child as Spirit, and so Identity is Spirit. No dream of fear can veil the Truth of our Eternal Being.

I love You for such is Self Love! It cannot be difficult to accept the Truth. Illusions are difficult to maintain, for they have nothing to stand on. Let us watch them disappear like sand castles in the
vast Tide of the Ocean!

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