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Beyond the Stomach

Q: I have a request. I am suffering from a stomach problem that I have had for many years. I was born with a stomach problem. It is worse now and I am out of resources to pursue treatment. Additionally, there are very few foods that I can eat.

I have forgiven everything I know to forgive. Even though I have the understanding that my body is not real and that sickness is a wrong perception, the suffering feels very real to me.

Would you be willing to share your insights with me on this matter?

In deep appreciation.

A: Beloved One

The mind was sick that thought the body could be sick. This involves the belief in time and false associations. From our discussions it seems that the Holy Spirit is helping expose associations with family, mother, caretaking, and food associations as well.

When I first traveled I was told by Holy Spirit to eat what is served. This flushed up lots of beliefs and thoughts about food that were unconscious: what foods I 'could' eat, what was and was not nutrition, what foods go with what foods, how the body 'reacts' to certain foods, and a host of beliefs related to false causation being in the world and body.

The whole genetic lie, of being 'born with' conditions is also an unconscious belief resting on the belief in linear time. There are some materials related to the body on this website which should be helpful in further answering your questions. [Concern for the Body] You are in my thoughts and prayers.

In Love & Gratitude,

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