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Beyond the 'Image' is Abstract Light

Q: Blessings to you!

Can you please explain the phrase ...we cannot even think of God without thinking of a body? From my happy experience when I think of my brothers it seems their body separates and I find them with me and Jesus holding, sitting together looking at what is going on with us as bodies ...am not sure of this thought ...but when I think like this it seems that I join with them in happy setting ...what could this thought be leading to? How could I sustain this thought?

Thanks for your looking into it with me.

Love always.

A: Greetings Beloved One

Thanks for writing. When the mind seemed to fall asleep and forget the Abstract Light of Heaven, the ego projected a cosmos of specifics to take the place of or substitute for Divine Abstraction.

To the mind that believes it is in time-space, Abstraction has been completely forgotten or blocked from awareness. All that the deceived mind perceives is forms and specifics, and this is why it cannot think of God without thinking of a body.

After the great amnesia, form became the "known" and the Abstract Light of Heaven became the "unknown." Forgiveness turns the mind back toward the Light and returns the experience of causation to the mind, which alone is causative.

The symbol of bodies together is a stepping stone, for truly bodies cannot join.

It is the Purpose of the Holy Spirit in the mind which is the joining, and this Purpose sustains peace of mind. With this Purpose comes the happy dream, for one dreams softly of a sinless world in a unified perception. The tapestry is one, and all is well.

Love always.

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