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Who is the Author of ACIM?

Beloved One

In this world, which represents the belief in an authority problem, "authors" are thought to be people. Add to this the illusory concept of "channeling," and "authors" are thought to be "distinct entities" which come "through" persons. Such is the case with "Jesus" and "Helen." Verily, verily, none of this has anything to do with Authoring as God Authors, for to Author is to create in Spirit. The concept of a "personal author" is a contradiction in terms that has no meaning whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Nada. This realization is the escape from fear and opens the way for the remembrance of Love.

ACIM is form, a collection of words, and form has NO author. The Infinite is Authored by God. The finite is unreal and has NO author. The Thought beyond the veil of illusion (a veil which includes the book ACIM) is Christ, a Whole and Pure and Perfect and Abstract Idea in the Mind of God. The closest approximation to what this world calls "author" is the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God. The Holy Spirit is synonymous with the Voice for Christ. Forgiveness, itself an illusion, was "made" (not created) as a counter dream to the world of judgment. Yet even the "forms" the Holy Spirit seems to take (words, angels, visionary dreams, the forgiven world) are all illusion and will dissolve when the belief in time is no longer cherished. Time-space-form has no Divine Author! God is the Author of Reality and there is no Author but God! Reality is Eternity. God is not the "author" of time-space-form. "God knows not form." (See the Beyond All Idols section in the text of ACIM)

God Authors Christ in Spirit and only in Spirit. The Eternal creates Eternally. The Infinite creates Infinitely. Reality is Spirit.

To Awaken Now, simply follow the instruction in the ACIM workbook: "Forget this world, forget this course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God" W-189.7

Identity is an Experience, not a concept.

God (Abstract Spirit) Authors Reality (Abstract Spirit).
Reality (Abstract Spirit) is All there Is, having no opposite.
There is no Author but God.
Belief in opposites has no reality whatsoever.
To Author is to create in Spirit.
Authorship is Spirit, is All Meaning.
Form is belief and thus has NOTHING to do with Authorship.

ACIM is a symbol of undoing belief, nothing more and nothing less.
ACIM is a book, not Reality.
God is the Author of Reality, and form is authorless.
Words are but symbols of symbols, twice removed from Reality.
Reality is an Experience and cannot be described, explained, or defined.
Reality simply Is ...far beyond illusory beliefs and concepts and words.

The ego time belief (illusion) seemed to invent a time-space cosmos (illusion), yet neither ego nor its cosmos have reality. The belief in ego and cosmos seem to deny Reality in awareness, yet Reality is beyond belief entirely and can only be Known. Like all images, ACIM is part of the "realm" of belief and is illusion.

The ego asks: "Who is the author of ACIM?," yet Christ has no question, Being certain of Identity in God. Can an illusion have an author if God Authors Reality and God is the only Author? ACIM seems to be a collection of words, yet the words point beyond the words. The Meaning of Life is the Experience these words point to: God is the Author of Reality and I am as God created Me.

Words can seem to represent the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Abstract in Reality. Yet Holy Spirit seems to take the form of a "Voice for God" with regard to the time belief, that the time belief may be undone. The Voice for God is the Voice for Christ, for as Creator and Creation are One Abstract Spirit the Voice Which temporarily represents Reality is One as well. The simple message of the Holy Spirit is this: God is Spirit. Christ is Spirit. God Authors Christ Eternally. Spirit is All there Is, having no opposite. There is no Author but God.

Forgive all symbols and accept our Self Now, for God creates Spirit as Spirit. Divine Mind is singular. Christ is One Being in the Mind of God. Forgive all symbols, even Jesus, for the man was but an illusion. History has no meaning. God is Now. Christ is Now. All Meaning is Now. I Am Now. The holy instant is all there is to behold. Be Still and Know, for the past is gone and the future was but false imagination. How obvious and simple is the Experiential Answer of our Identity in God.

Therefore lay aside foolish questions and distractions and enter into the Silence of Being. Certainty is an Experience beyond words and questions. The I Am Presence is real. "Issues of the world" are not real. Desire Reality wholly and Experience All God created Holy. There are no holy books or words or people or places or things, yet the Spirit of the I Am is forever Holy. There is nothing else to behold.

Thank You God!!!

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