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Attentiveness to the Holy Spirit

Q: 'Why does it seem so difficult to keep attentive to the present and hold the Holy Spirit's single Purpose in mind?'

A: The deceived mind is untrained and is unwilling to keep attentive to the present because it is afraid of the present. All the chatter in the mind and all the drama and busy distractions and outlets are defenses against the present moment, where the Still Voice for God reminds the mind of its Home in Heaven.

The deceived mind is afraid of the Holy Spirit. The reason for this may not be apparent. The deceived mind believes the ego (and thus separation from God) is real and is attached to a tiny, imposter concept of self that God did not create. In the Stillness the Holy Spirit speaks for God, and thus appears to be a "threat" since He reveals the Truth of the mind's Origin and Being. All goals and purposes of the self-concept are of the ego and were made to obscure the Holy Spirit's single Purpose. The fear, then, comes from the mind's attachment to the fictitious, make-believe self-concept. Peace & joy come when the ego has been questioned and investment in it has been withdrawn.

There is often much talk about detachment as a solution. And often there is a sense that detachment would really bring peace, if it were possible. But trying to be detached is met with resistance, for the mind remains confused about what to detach from, confused about form (appearances) and content (purpose). We "come together" open to having errors of thought and misperceptions healed or corrected from the bottom up.

In other words, we do not start with the abstract (the Love of God, Knowledge, Heaven) as a solution to perceived problems. The seeming "process" could be described as a very open dialogue in which no questions, concerns, or topics are "off limits"; a kind of spiritual psychotherapy in which everyday "perceived problems" are traced back to the false beliefs and resulting misperceptions in the mind. Yet, this description is only an interpretation. Perceptions about "what happens" vary. One thing is sure: feelings of peace and joy are indicators of choosing to hold the Holy Spirit's single purpose. And cultivating a sincere intention to discern the "nature of ego thought," raising it to awareness so to speak, leads one to a greater willingness to choose peace instead of fear. Why would anyone choose fear unless, unrecognized, it seemed to offer something of value?

A permanent Solution is more than possible, It is inevitable, but first it must be understood that It is a perceptual Correction and not a change in worldly conditions. In other words, the problems need to be redefined (ie., from form problems to thinking problems, or from problems in the world to a problem in the mind) before the One Correction can be accepted. If we are open to looking sincerely at the possibility that we have been mistaken about everything we have believed, a radical transformation in consciousness is possible.

In a passionate search for the meaning/truth beyond the changing sights and sounds of unstable, disunited perceptions, the only thing one needs is willingness. Initially it takes willingness to let go of strict adherence to worldly schedules and activities, if only to give yourself the space to go within and observe your mind and its beliefs and thoughts. It can be a very bold decision to stop trying to schedule the Spirit into one's "lifestyle" and instead let the Call within begin to Guide you to look differently at what you think life is.

I extend this invitation to you who share a strong desire to Awaken to apply the Divine Principle to everything you seem to think, say, and do, and ultimately toward a complete transformation of consciousness -- Enlightenment. I am joined with you in this Purpose and we cannot fail. For truth is true and only truth is true. Divine Love is Spirit and is All in All.

Love & Happiness Always.

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