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Approaching Truth; Raising the self / world concept to awareness

Truth is peace & happiness & joy & freedom and is an experience of the Heart. Truth cannot be described or explained, though as it is experienced the hows and whys and what fors have already dissolved away. Truth is approached through negation, or becoming aware of all that is false and withdrawing belief from all illusion. Seeing clearly all that is false is to be released from the belief in the impossible.

Raising all illusions to awareness is how they are transcended. When all illusions are uncovered and revealed as one (ie., the ego tree trunk and its many branches are all one tree), Truth is made welcome. Seeing the barrier, then, completely or entirely, automatically shines it away. Seeing the barrier, partially, (ie., some of the branches) is not to see at all, or to be in the dark.

Consciousness is the domain or field of the ego. Its content is concepts/images. The subject and object, the observer and observed, the me and the other, the individual and the collective, the dream figure and the dream--are not different at all. They were but concepts/images. They were the ego. Divine Mind is the Reality of Identity in God. Experiencing this is freedom!

Free Will is God's and is Christ's. Ego "will" is the belief that reality is fragmented and can be chosen or selected from, that decision between images in the field is possible. Ego "will" is an effort to bring about a change, an improvement, by juggling or rearranging the concepts and images in the field in the hope of future happiness. This illusion of change is not transformative, because it is still within the field.

True change, a radical transformation of the mind, only occurs when the mind sees the entire field, the entire domain, consciousness itself, from a completely different purpose or frame of reference.

The false self or ego is an image-maker AND the images it makes. It is the persona (mask) which covers over or hides from awareness Abstract Reality. It is a self-concept comprised of concepts. It is fragmented into the person (a fragment), other people (fragments), and the "surrounding" world/cosmos (still more fragments) AND it is that which made or thought them all up. In other words, ego is both the "thinker" AND the "thoughts," image-maker AND the images.

Freedom is the realization that Reality is whole and can only be accepted at this instant, not made up of and selected from images. The concept of choice vanishes with this acceptance, for there is nothing to choose between in Reality. It sees that future happiness was just a concept. It sees that past guilt was just a concept. It sees that striving and effort were just concepts. Present Reality is changeless and tranquil, devoid of all concepts.

Let us take an even closer look at letting go of the self concept. As long as the mind identifies with the dream figure(s) and world, it can't help but believe that there are real problems to solve and lots to be done to solve them. Action or doing implies a body to act or do. Yet, whenever a decision in mind or at the thought level is made based on fear, the mind will retain fear. Judgment invites fear. All the thoughts of consequences/outcomes, be they judged "favourable or unfavourable," "desirable or undesirable," are all merely self concept thoughts about the dream--and have nothing to do with one's Real Self.

The only choice available for a mind perceiving this world is which inner guide to view the script or the play of the world with: with the Spirit or through the lens of the ego image. If anything in the script seems unsettling at all, it is just another chance to notice the mind's identity attachment to the ego self concept and release the thought. When one remembers one's function of forgiveness (releasing illusions), and holds this Purpose clearly in mind, it doesn't matter at all what film seems to be playing or even how the plot seems to be unfolding. Content is Purpose in the mind. The state of mind (ie., peace or upset) is not dependent on outcome/appearances, but only on which guide (ego or Spirit) one calls upon to watch with. The ego's lens is always dark, though the Spirit always views a clear and light and beautiful world. Spirit is without judgment and is therefore without condemnation.

It must surely become clear that one cannot retain a single shred of the self concept and understand true forgiveness. One must choose between them and ultimately accept the Reality Which Is, the Truth Which has no opposite.

True meditation, it might be said, is simply emptying consciousness of all its contents (ie., time/space thoughts, concepts, ideas, & beliefs). All these concepts, images, beliefs, and thoughts are rooted in linear time. The only reason for all the ego's complexity and busy-ness is its denial that NOW is the only time there is.

The self concept, which is a time/space/matter identity association, is what is atoned for or Corrected. The acceptance of the Atonement, or the decision to hold the one Purpose of the Spirit, is what one is responsible for (ie., not for the error, but for accepting the Correction). Anytime one wishes for the script to go a certain way, one has made a judgement of form, and holds an expectation. Any expectation is a choice to forget the one Purpose of Spirit, and reflects the belief that there is something of value outside One Self.

ALL ego goals spring from the self concept and have nothing to do with one's own best interests, but everything to do with maintaining the self concept. By first becoming aware of illusions, and then ceasing to invest in them by giving faith to a unified Purpose for the world, the illusions fade away and One remembers One Self as Spirit.

"Ye shall have no idols before God" translates into "you shall retain no self-concept if you shall know God." For One Self is created eternal and is far beyond any concept or image. Prayer is the desire of the heart. When prayer is purified, the remembrance of Truth springs to Mind as Divine Mind. Let thine eye be single is a way of saying let thy prayer be for the Living One, for Love is What You are. Love is All there Is!!! Such is the Glory of God!!!

Peace & Blessings.


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