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A Form / Content Question about Approaching Salvation

Q: I read something you wrote that I would like some help on;

"It matters not what road you've taken, be it the Bible, A Course In Miracles......."

As you know I started ACIM about a year ago (having spent a number of years interested in and 'doing' Eastern spiritual stuff like Transcendental Meditation). ACIM re-sparked an interest in Christianity and in September I did the "Alpha course" - this is quite a popular course in the UK - a non-denominational introduction into Christianity.

I also attended the particular church which held this course (as it happens an evangelical / Pentecostal). It appealed because unlike some of the more traditional churches I had been exposed to when young (where my opinion was there was much more 'man made' ritual and a distinct lack of God or the Holy Spirit), this was more like a Gospel church.

I agree with your statement and it has been my philosophy, but my question is this: the particular Christian church mentioned above points to a single passage in the Bible (in John's Gospel) where Jesus says no one can come to God except through him. They then continue....therefore anyone who puts their faith in lay-lines or Zen or Buddha or Allah etc etc are misguided as only through Christ Jesus comes salvation. Can these two seemingly different stances be reconciled ? Thanks

A: Hello Beloved One

The Universal Spirit is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Spirit is One, and the Christ Spirit or Holy Spirit or One Spirit Which says "no one comes to the Father except through Me" is the Universal Call to remember Eternal Oneness.

The "paths" and the "forms" of the world seem to be many and different, but the Call remains the Same. There can be no "truth" or "absolute" in form, for form was made by the ego to deny and cover over the Abstract Oneness of Spirit.

The statement you refer to from John's Gospel is true in Content, for Christ is Spirit and is Identity in God. The ego does not understand Content, for all the ego "recognizes" is form. Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven are the Same in Spirit, and thus the Universal Spirit is the Way to remember God.

Jesus is a symbol which has been used to point to the Christ, the Universal Spirit Which is beyond form entirely. Jesus, as a form or symbol, is an illusion as all forms are illusion. The ego wants to make an idol of Jesus or anyone or anything to maintain the belief in illusion. The Holy Spirit's use of symbol is to lead beyond symbol as the Holy Spirit's use of time is to lead beyond time. Time and Eternity cannot BE reconciled for one is illusion and One is Truth. The Truth is True and only the Truth is True. :)

So in Answer to your question, "two" stances about form can never be reconciled, for the dualistic perspective which sees "two" is the error -- is the ego. The unified or single Perspective of the Holy Spirit is the Content Which is beyond the possibility of "contradiction" or "duality" or "multiplicity." What is the Same cannot be different, and What is One cannot have separate parts.

Oneness is natural. Oneness simply Is.
Love and blessings forever and ever Holy One.

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