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Allowing for Joy

Beloved One

Today I am reminded about the simple experience of Joy. Joy is an expression of the state of nonjudgmnet. Without judgment it is natural to be Joyful. Joy springs from the Love beneath the surface of things. While shadow images dance about on the screen of illusion, Joy basks in the Light beyond and everywhere. Joy bubbles up from a gleeful moment that has no plans and no agenda. It
sparkles in our heart and sounds a friendly greeting of welcome. It invites everyOne to join in a playful Spirit.

Watch a child at play. There is no need for thoughts of the past or the future. Concentration, focus, light attention, and a flowing movement are evident, interspersed with laughter and giggles. There is a feeling of cooperation that pervades. In the moment there is no doer and no seeker, nothing to achieve or attain and nothing to let go of. Being present is being peacefully and fully aware.

My dear friend and I have been watching movies and enjoying the playful flow. We watched the 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior' and I heard the Socrates character speak the words: "Take out the trash."
He as referring to emptying the mind of the trash of thoughts of time. Every thought of the past or the future is an obstacle to Joy. Every fully alive relationship thrives in the Joy of the present moment! It is really this simple.

Attentiveness in mind training is the key to experiencing present Joy.
Attentiveness is focused and clean and crisp and clear.
Attentiveness is not blurred or distracted.
Mother Theresa once said "Small things done with great Love," and she meant that anything done in the spirit of love and care and attention is full and complete and whole.

I bask in the Joy and the glory of God's Love.

You are ever in my heart.

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