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What You Extend You Are 

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

Friend: I think relying on the belief that we are separate justifies our shortcomings. It’s identifying our shortcomings as being oh; well it’s just because of this. I’m human. It’s self feeding. So, it may be the question of the chicken or the egg. Which came first, the mistake or the belief in being capable of making the mistake and that’s kind of a mute point; play of ideas. How it interacts with our thinking. When things go wrong, when things are less than perfect we have a rationale like well, what do you expect?

David: Those thoughts are held onto in the mind to justify the experience. After a while you start to get wise. There comes a point of enough of this, where there’s a willingness to say, I want to really look at my thoughts and I want to look closely at them with you Jesus. I don’t want to continue to justify my thoughts. If I’m feeling angry the ego is saying yes, yes you’re feeling angry. Blast it out, project the blame out there onto something or someone else in some situation in the world. It will make you feel better. You will get rid of it by giving it away. Kick the dog, do this, do that, but just get it out. Basically, the Course is saying that projection doesn’t work. It’s like a boomerang. Zap it out there and it comes around and gets you in the back and you feel guilty. So, after enough times of throwing the boomerang out and getting whacked in the back the mind starts to say, there’s a trick here. There’s something that’s not going right here when I keep trying to project these things. Now if you get the metaphysics of this, basically, there is one law in Heaven. Doesn’t that make it nice that it’s just real simple? The law in Heaven is this: What you extend you are. God extends himself— love— so He is love. His Son has the same thing; when you extend love you are love. Jesus says that when you come down into the dream world it’s just a misapplication or a distortion of just this one law in Heaven. So, what you extend you are, through the ego lens becomes: What you project you will believe. So, if I project a world out there, I try to get rid of this world, out of my mind. I try to get rid of duality, the split in my mind, and I project it. As soon as I project it I believe it. It sure seems believable, doesn’t it? Doesn’t this body seem real? The whole point is that you have to question the beliefs and the thoughts. You have to start to see that they’re attack thoughts and that they’re unreal. As soon as you can see that they’re unreal, you don’t invest in them. They’re false. You pull your mind away from them. But as long as you believe they’re real it’s like oh my Gosh, this is horrifying, project it out. Then you continue to seem like a victim, like something’s happening to you.

Friend: There are so many backwards thoughts. It feels like… why start looking? Say you’re tired of being angry and hurt and you just kind of become a hermit, ok? Then you’re not seeing any projections around you. You think you’re hiding from them. Then you get to the point where you feel lonely. What is that?

David: Backwards thoughts, in other words you can remove your body from society…

Friend: You think you’re removing yourself from the things that bother you. You think that’s where the cause is. But, where’s the cause?

Friend: The cause is inside. You don’t remove yourself from the mind. Then you get back in there and what’s pulling you back? Is that the ego?

David: Well, people will say what’s the difference with Mother Teresa going around seeming to reach out to everybody, versus, let’s say, a monk or a mystic that goes off into the mountains? In a sense Jesus is saying that as long as you’re training your mind and trying to detach from these thoughts then form is irrelevant. We all have very high functions. We’re called to be teachers of God. He’s literally training us.

Friend: All of us?

David: All of us, and we all have a lofty function and the more we really give our minds to that function, the more we really start to live it and practice it, there comes such joy and it makes you forget about the candy bars, the jelly bars and the whatever’s. Before it was inconceivable to be without the hot fudge sundae; I like my hot fudge sundae, Jesus. But more and more as you get into this function and purpose there comes an intrinsic joy. It’s like a well that bubbles up from within the mind from the Holy Spirit.

Friend: So you don’t have that emptiness that you’re trying to fill all the time with all these other things that don’t really work?

David: Right. Now you can take these things and instead of trying to wrestle with them, they’re like little flakes of dandruff. Phew… you’ve got to blow them off. That’s the way to let go of things. To blow them away like that, like they’re little specks of dust instead of giant leeches clinging on….

Friend: I suppose the more you validate them or focus on them then the bigger they become?

David: Yes

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