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What is the World? 


Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

Reference: Pg 403; Workbook

Speaker: “The world is false perception. It is born of error and it has not left its source.” What that means [is] it came about from the ridiculous belief that you could separate from your Creator. What that is conveying there is that ideas leave not their source. It seems as if the world has been projected out of our mind. It seems like there is really an objective world out there where there are plane crashes and hurricanes and people dying and sick and there are continents (and there is India over there and China [over there] )and there arecultures and there are histories; and it seems like that’s all concrete. It’s been there long before mankind even came. Carl Sagan [who was a well known astrologist] would say, "Billions and billions of years... This planet has been around long before there was human life or even evolution. These rocks and these geological formations have been [around long before man.]" Jesus is saying, ‘No, no, no, the world is a projection from your mind and it has not left its source.' In other words the world is still in your mind. The world is nothing more than a bunch of ideas that are in your mind. But the ego would say, ‘Get out of here. No way! The world has left its source and not only that, you’ve left your source.’ The Course says we were Created as an Idea in the Mind of God. The ego says, ‘You left! You were Created as an Idea in the Mind of God but you usurped God. You turned your back on God. You’re out of the Kingdom now. You’ve left your Source.’

And so as I’ve gone on in life and I’ve started to have my shifts in self concept, and started to step out of these beliefs it’s been more of an experiential sense that the world is in my mind.

There is a big perceptual problem going on and the world is in your mind and all of these things that seem to happen on the screen that are perceptual are just witnesses. You look first within your mind and you have all these dark crazy beliefs that your Father didn’t create, then you feel weak and frail and tiny and guilty. Then you’ll call forth witnesses in the world that will represent ‘I’m weak, I’m tiny, I’m frail, I’m little’.

Participant: We’ve forgotten what the Kingdom is, we’ve forgotten what Love is, and so to let go of all these things that we have made and not knowing, it’s very fearful to let go. What do you have left? Just not knowing what’s on the other side.

Speaker: The ego says if you let go all this familiar stuff in the world and even these beliefs that are the underpinnings of the world then the ego says you’ll go into the void that they talk about in Buddhism, ‘The void! I don’t want to go into the void.’ But, that is the ego’s version of going back to the light. Really, the Holy Spirit is saying you will be everything. You will be exactly as you were Created. You will be abstract Light with no needs, no cares, and no worries. Nothing but eternal peace so deep that you don’t even have a glimmer of how deep it is. So you can see how there is two different versions of going within.

Participant: Oh, yes. It’s total opposites.

Speaker: The ego’s belief is that all your security rests on meeting your survival needs and then it goes on beyond that, ‘Well why not have joy in life and comfort; more comfort for the body; more pleasure for the body etc’ and in a sense that’s still taking on and worshipping death because letting go of the mind’s identification with the world and the body is where the freedom and joy come in. You can see how this is a big turn around. We’ve been seeking our happiness and salvation out on the screen in the specifics and that keeps covering over our sense of loss because really, our deep sense of loss comes from the belief that we’ve separated from our Father in heaven. We’ve placated ourselves, having already assumed, ‘Ok, I have done the impossible. I’ve separated from God.’ Which is the ego’s belief, ‘Now, I’m going to try to pacify myself.’ And who among us has not? We’ve all had many different forms probably, but who among us has not attempted to do [just] that, and who among us has not felt, ‘This isn’t it. This doesn’t seem to work.’

Participant: So it’s really that we’re totally outside of ourselves and not really going within to find the joy, the happiness, the love and the peace because that’s where it is. It’s not in anything outside of us and we’re using everything outside of us to find the joy, the happiness, the love and the peace. [Laughter]

Speaker: And we’re discovering, ‘Hey, this is not working!’ [More laughter]

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