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Touching on Manifesting and Prayer 

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

SPEAKER: The Holy Spirit does not really work in this world. He is in the higher mind, He is like this abstract light that shines and reminds that we are whole and complete. Then we have these dark beliefs that we hang on to and the way the shadows come out on the screen can be interpreted like, the “Holy Spirit brought my car back” or “the Holy Spirit got me a parking space” or “the Holy Spirit got me to win the lottery”, etcetera. When that is still attributing something in form as if the Holy Spirit is moving things around, when what actually happens is He is working with us in our mind as we let go of our concepts and beliefs and our mind opens up to His light. Then it is the interpretation of what we see that seems to witness to that we are being taken care of. It is the interpretation of what we see that seems to witness to the fact that we are being taken care of. This is a very subtle point, but if you go back to that thing of the Holy Spirit working in the world, then you start asking metaphysical "why" questions, such as “Why did He help me?” But basically the script is written. Look through the right lens and you will be at peace.

PARTICIPANT: You know when I first came in contact with the Course we went to this lady’s house and she was saying “Holy Spirit healed this house,” and all these miracles that happened to her and I looked at Sarah and said “Sarah we are in the wrong spot.” We got home and talked about it because we were of the impression that the Course in Miracles was not about manifestation of physical phenomenon and so I guess our first exposure to it was that if you do these certain things you get these miracles in your life, like a new Maserati or whatever. So I just knew at that time that was not the place I wanted to be in, because that was not what I was about at the time. When I rediscovered the Course in Miracles after reading Marianne Williamson’s book it was totally different. I guess it is about interpretation.

SPEAKER: For some people that is a big step. I mean the whole idea of manifesting… if you are perceiving yourself as a powerless, helpless little victim, a little peon, and you start to use affirmations and things start to seem to happen you know—money or things happening, that can be a witness to the idea that your mind is powerful. And that’s a big step from “I am a powerless victim”. The Course just takes it a step further as soon as you start to sense you have a powerful mind. It gives you the way to give that powerful mind to the goal of peace of mind, as opposed to accumulating this and that. Things like manifesting can then really be a stepping stone.

PARTICIPANT: So we have to know that our mind is powerful...

SPEAKER: I think a good example is in the Song of Prayer—the little pamphlet that Jesus dictated—it is a 20 page pamphlet as compared to the Course which is 1200 pages. It deals with the topic that we are just touching upon now. It is the sense that when the mind is in a deceived state, it believes in specifics. I mean, you know, specific person, specific everything in this world. It has forgotten the abstract reality of light and spirit, and so in a deceived state it can not help but pray for specifics. Even our desires of wanting things to work out whether it is wanting someone to literally not make so much noise with closets or having goals and ambitions for specific things like a good job, etcetera, is related to this. The mind prays without ceasing and when it believes in specifics it can not help but ask for specifics. But ultimately, as described in here, is that we really go inward and our purpose becomes very single and unified—of just wanting God above all else. Our prayer becomes unified that we literally want God above all else and that we ask above all else “What is your will for me, Father?” which is the question that we move towards. Helen Schucman was a good example. She was quite fearful of Jesus and she would ask him for green panty hose; you know “Where do I get green panty hose?” She is the scribe of the Course and has this highly trained ability to tune in and listen to Jesus speak to her, and she wants to know where to get green panty hose or a Borgana coat, as a specific preference. What does he do? He tells her where to go. He knows how important the Course coming into the world is, so to speak; he’s trying to save time and he knows it would be a delay if she just goes about in her analytical ways of shopping all over New York City for the green panty hose or for a coat. Time is precious so he joins with her where she thinks she is and he helps her. I think that is a good lesson for all of us in the sense that when we pray it is slowly letting go of desires for specifics and things of the world, and it may seem to take the form of getting our prayers answered in that way. You know, ask and you shall be given, or knock and the door will be opened, or, as you sow so shall you reap. Those are eternal laws—law of karma, you can come at it from any way you want, but it is like slowly getting clear in our mind and just asking in any situation, “What do I want?”


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