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On Psychic Abilities
Questioner: Do you feel that since you are so connected to that unified mind that maybe you have opened up to other types of abilities, whether it is knowing other people's thoughts or seeing auras or having different types of psychic abilities? Have you had that experience of opening to other types of abilities or is your experience more of just that feeling experience of knowing your oneness and being connected?

Speaker: One example of this could be the idea of reading thoughts, what seems to be other people's thoughts. When you remove the limits and the parameters of what communication is from your mind, it seems like you pick up thoughts almost like you've got a giant satellite dish like they have out there in the Southwest that picks up these tiny little impressions, even from outer space. The most important thing though was that it was disturbing to me. I spent some time seemingly picking up these thoughts during that phase and going to Jesus and the Holy Spirit and saying, ‘What is the purpose of this? I am picking up other people's thoughts and some of them are disturbing or unsettling.’ The Holy Spirit again said this is just a phase of your mind training. It’s not really that other people have the thoughts. These are thoughts in your mind that have to be released and this is another opportunity for discernment at tuning into the spirit and letting go of reactions and judgments and identification with these thoughts because they seem to be negative but they really are just unreal. And when you completely unplug your mind from them then they seem to not even be in your awareness because you haven’t given any faith to them. That is a good example of a phase that I passed through.

In terms of intuiting things or precognitions and premonitions and so forth, they can seem to have some value but then as you go even much deeper, present peace of mind is the greatest gift. We could mention a little about precognitions that seem to involve the future. The more you see that the future is already the past, and it’s just seemingly a different form that the ego has made up so that the future seems to be different from the past, the more you can understand how the psychics can read the future. They are really just reading the past. So once you get into these experiences, then some of the fascination with psychic abilities just start to fade away because that fascination is still the ego being fascinated with specific powers so to speak. God is the power. Spirit and the present moment is all power and glory so I would say that those abilities can seem to come but you never need to be frightened by them. They are very, very natural but it helps to realize that I am going for an awakening and I am not going to be delayed by any ego judgments about what seems to be supernatural powers. They are very natural actually; and when given to the Holy Spirit to use they are very productive and helpful. The ego will always try to jump on these so called psychic abilities and make an identity. It could try to make a lot of money out of this psychic ability.

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