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On Private Mind

This coming together and really sharing of the heart is the dispelling of the ego. There’s a part in the Course too that says, ‘to the ego communication is abandonment, that you will be abandoned if you communicate’, and if any of you can think about close relationships or significant relationships where [you thought] ‘I can’t tell him that. If I told him that he or she would leave me.’

The whole basis of the ego is you have a private mind with private thoughts and you’ve got some hideous things in there; things that if you’re husband or your best friend or your lover ever knew about they would be gone in an instant, if you ever shared yourself completely and the Course is basically thinking that the desire to communicate attracts communication to it, that as we start to desire to let the Spirit come and be the guide of our lives and speak then we are attracted. We attract witnesses to the Holy Spirit. We can see the Spirit more and more.

You can’t see the Holy Spirit but you can see the witnesses to the Holy Spirit in your life and that is how you know that he’s there. He would be invisible otherwise but that’s like the effect of miracles. I always keep that in mind because when you come together in groups, in families or whatever the temptation is to only go so far with communication or to keep areas of privacy and to not let go of your mind completely so that you spring into the oneness of One Mind.

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