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One Universal Goal

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

David: I remember once I was in a church giving a talk and I went into some of this stuff and started talking about goals and how we have all learned all beliefs and we have all these specific goals. I was always taught that it is good to be goal oriented. And when I finally got to the Course I was thinking, being goal oriented, that is a bunch of baloney. Because all those goals were specific goals and they were all based on the self concept. That is where all these goals are springing from. It can be thought of as an aquarium with the little pump at the bottom that blows the bubbles and pumps the air into it. The bubbles seem to come up and float up to the top and pop on the surface and that’s like all the specific goals. Make more money, get this, get that, develop these skills, do this and do that. That is the pop pop pop; those are all the bubbles, but, here is the important question, what about the little thing where the bubbles are coming from, that is generating the bubbles? I finally came to the point in my life where I thought I am going to finally get down there to the generator and I am going to question that little mechanism where the bubbles seem to be coming from.

Friend: So all specifics come from a self concept?

David: Yes, lessons 24 and 25 in the Course addresses this very very directly. Does that mean we should not have any goals? No, no, the Course is not advocating that you should not have any goals, the Course is advocating you should have one goal, and only one goal. And that goal is abstract, that goal is universal, that goal does not have a specific reference. What does that mean? It is not quantifiable; it is not measurable. It’s a goal of purpose. It is not a specific goal. It is not a goal with x amount of dollars or a better job or better physical health or a warmer climate or a better looking mate or all the specifics goals that keep popping up here on the surface. This goal that is a universal goal has to be learned very carefully because the mind that thinks in terms of specifics… that is all it can think in terms of. That is what it prays for all the time. Its prayer is its desire. It is always praying for specific outcomes. When you think, even when you have the thought, Gee, I am hungry and something comes to mind that would seem to satisfy that hunger. When you seem to have to go to the restroom or you perceive the need to urinate and it pops into the mind where the restroom is in the house or the building that you are in. And you seem to go and urinate and it seems to satisfy that momentary, temporary need. Those are all answers to prayers. Going to the bathroom is an answer to prayer. Having a dorito chip is an answer to prayer. Having sexual intercourse with someone is an answer to prayer. Going for a walk on a sunny day is an answer to prayer. Everything on the screen is an answer to prayer. It is just bringing witness to what the mind wants and also what the mind believes will answer that want or satisfy that want. That is all what the surface is. So the key thing is Gee, I have all these splintered desires and that is part of the self-concept that is bubbling away down there sending all these bubbles up. The only way out is to have a single unified goal or to bring it to the point that my desire is single, and that I want only God and not want anything else! If you think of the center of the mind as being like an altar, it’s just like saying, “I want to remove everything on the altar except God.” God can’t be on a defiled altar. He can not be on something that is made unclean. Something that is so pure as the Source. You can not put something as pure as the Source on a dirty altar or a split altar.

Friend: He won’t share the altar?

David: All the Spirit will do is wait. The Spirit will not come in and try to take over the mind again. The mind has to willingly empty its altar. The Holy Spirit is not going to try to wrestle this world away from the mind. Holy Spirit, in one sense, even if the beliefs are unreal, respects or honors them in a sense because the Son of God, or the mind that fell asleep made them. And he has to honor that mind because of what that mind truly is.

Friend: So he honors the source of it?

David: Yeah, he honors the source of it and he honors the true power of that mind. But he is just working, you know, it is like a gentle reminder for that mind to voluntarily bring those beliefs to the light or to open them to question. There is no coercion involved, there is no forcing.

The ego belief system in your mind may tell you, “if you follow this all the way out, if you really follow what He is saying, you could end up in dire straights because you are withdrawing all your seeming support in the world, what was before regarded as your support system; you’re cutting your support system.” That is the ego’s interpretation of following Jesus; you are cutting your support system. All that learning we talk about; we talk about resumes, learning, and all the different things that seem to be like such symbols of support that you have worked so hard on to build. Build it, polish it, build it, polish it, build it, polish it. As if that is your support. And then you really start to follow this and you say, Wait a minute, this is the direction that is completely the opposite of all that; This is a 180 degree turn around from that. That is where the trust comes in. Where you thought something was asked of you or you thought you were asked to sacrifice something. At one point in the Manual, Jesus says, “The teacher of God finds a happy light heartedness instead.”

“The world can teach no images of you unless you want to learn them. There will come a time when images have all gone by and you will see you know not what you are. It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound. Where concepts of the self have been layed by is where truth revealed exactly as it is. When every concept has been raised to doubt and question and been recognized as been made on no assumptions that would stand the light, then is the truth left free to enter its sanctuary clean and free of guilt. There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this; ‘I do not know the thing I am and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born and what you are will tell you of itself.’”

The Messengers of Peace is like a witness or a symbol of giving your mind permission to let go of everything it believes and knowing that it is going to be safe. It may seem disorienting at times… our friends have been sharing over the last number of months that there have been these moments of not knowing…

Friend: Feeling out of time and space.

David: Like, what am I doing, where am I? without a sense of orientation and what we are doing is kind of like metaphorically holding hands and saying, Yeah, that is the way it is going to seem at times. And that we will keep gently reminding each other, Good, good, you are not nuts, you do not need to be locked up in an insane asylum. This is a good sign! The deeper you go it seems like you, at times, are non-functional. You can not function in the world; good! It is another good sign.

Friend: I have had that experience in my life at other times when you just momentarily have this sense of where am I? Or like even waking up in a strange place, it is like for an instant you forget where you are or what you are doing there or something and there is a panic. I mean in the past it is always associated with a panic feeling to me even if it was minor or momentary and then as soon I seemed to reorient myself all the panic subsided. Okay, now I remember what I am doing here and where I am and stuff. This time when it happened I was driving and I just had this feeling of like I had no clue what state I was in, what road I was on, what I was doing there, where I was going, anything, but it did not feel panicky. That was the distinction that I made in my mind, it was like wow, that was interesting, you know to have that feeling and to not feel any panic and feel a relief when the memory seemed to come back oh yea, I am driving on such and such a road. That was neat for me; it did feel like good, this is good, nothing to panic about.

Friend: Strange is not necessarily scary or bad.

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