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Mind Watching; The Danger of Division

Mind-watching is the end of struggle; it is the way of forgiveness, the way of awakening, of mindfulness. The sleeping mind is lost in principles and theologies, lost in the word, lost in its culture and traditions. This is the ‘I know mind’, the mind that banters on about spiritual truths, and justifies its mental positions by forming divisions. It says, “You are that - I am this, we are different. You are Catholic, I am Protestant, they are Muslims.” This mind reinforces its viewpoints through mental positions, divisionary concepts and its accumulated past; conditioning, knowledge, culture, likes and dislikes. These are false judgments because they are fragmentary; all egoic judgment is based on thoughts of 'good' or 'bad', 'right' or 'wrong', all of which are fragmentary thoughts. True judgment sees the false as false and looks to guiltlessness; there are no sides in guiltlessness, no division. All is one in the miracle of the middle way.

 Judgment and division is the movement of thought. Any single division denies the middle way, the miracle way. This movement always leaves the ‘me’ and the ‘other’ guilty. When one sees one self as the ‘me’, an image, one denies ones wholeness. By accepting this illusory split one divides oneself into the subject and the other into the object, into ‘me‘ and the ‘other.’ This split is an attempt to divide the eternal boundless life energy, the very life energy that connects the whole, into mere fragments. One who is caught in this movement might say, “This is my interpretation this is your interpretation,” which always means that it is personal. Any split naturally implies defensiveness; one always has to defend ones split decision. Why? Because without defensiveness, it has no ‘existence’. The very defensiveness is what seems to give truth to the illusion. The Truth needs no defense, the Truth Is, the truth is defenselessness.

 We can see the destructive pattern of these divisionary thoughts through some extreme examples. Anyone who is familiar with the history of Christianity is aware that such divisionary patterns have been the cause of many insane actions over the past two thousand years. There is a danger when one believes that they alone have the sole truth. This is to make ’me’ right, inherently making the 'other' wrong, and in this case sinful enough to be worthy of condemnation. Historically speaking, some of the ‘others’ were so wrong that the Christian church had them killed. We have heard of the crusades where many people were massacred in the name of one who taught, "Love your brother as yourself." Even many years later, anyone who was perceived as a threat to this thought system could be put to death by hanging or by being burned as a witch. This version of truth is a fabrication; one that is based on belief, on fragmentary thought. This belief system is a stream of thoughts and ideas formulated through years of misinterpretation by the 'authorities' of religion. Can we see that this is a mental formulation? It is a mental image of religion which has attempted to be realized through behavior and ritual. This is why Christianity has been so deeply marked by violence. There is no truth in the churches, books, communions, candles, or chants. This is just playing a role. All of these deny the authentic religious experience of the present moment which is beyond form, beyond thought and belief. Truth cannot be found in the profession of a stream of words, or through the study of ideologies, doctrines, or in a set of rules. Thought can be used to point to the truth but this is its only function. This is the true function of all true spiritual teachings. Jesus was not a Christian; the Buddha was not a Buddhist. There is no path apart from ones heart, a true path is pathless, it is journey without distance.

 This state of mindless unawareness of the movement of thought further complicates the world. The very thing one is preaching about is being reinforced through the split of the ‘me’ and the ‘other’. There is no peace in the split, there is only upset. There are many sincere spiritual seekers who are trying to change the world, trying to bring peace to others, though they do not comprehend their own lack. This lack manifests further division for it is the desire for conflict, for specialness through a body, through a group or through a special cause. And this is the lack of peace that is projected outside of one's mind. Feelings of greed, anger, jealously, inadequacy or hurt arise, but one is too busy with the ‘other’, or with the external environment to recognize that the inner and the outer are the same. The subject/object split maintains this delusion of the me and the other. There is no solution in this gap or outsides ones mind. This is an attempt to address the symptom, and not the cause. The split mind is the source of all upsets, this is a fact. This avoidance of self prevents one from healing the conflict between ’me’ and the 'other'. There is no spiritual path that is exempt from this, even A Course In Miracles. Any idea of special books, special 'spiritual' events or special teachers - this is hypocrisy - for it denies the very essence of the teaching itself. There is no gap in the eternal spacious Self. The boundless Self knows no division, knows no ‘other’.

There is only one teacher, only one content/purpose, only one truth. There is only one problem and one solution, this is TRUTH. There is a danger when one is attached to words and uses them for self pleasure, or for self enhancement. The little ‘me’ needs validation by making the ‘other‘ wrong. This validation is either expressed in a positive or negative manner. Pleasure seeking through spiritual ideas is a further complication. The valuing of ones individuality through a mental concept of religion is what one must see in the light, not what the ‘others’ are doing, not the external. This destructive process goes on throughout the world. Not only with religion but with all metal concepts. The process of ‘I know the truth and you don’t.’

 The process of using a mental concept of religion or spirituality as a means to an end is greatly ignored as a delay tactic of the ego. Some have formed special attachments to a teacher or a group. The spiritual pleasure seeker uses the body to give oneself a pseudo spiritual experience. This experience is always based in time; it has a beginning and an end. The workshop starts, goes on for hours or days, and when it ends, then one is back to one‘s dull existence. Now there are the memories in ones mind of an event which was beautiful, but existence does not feel as beautiful now. The event has become a memory, and now the mind uses this memory as a comparison device to delude the mind into believing that this beauty can be found in form, in an event that has past, and may or may not come again in the future. Cause seems now ‘outside’ in the objective world and it seems that one must seek for salvation in ‘outer’ forms. This gives one an experience of lack, of loss; ones beauty being in the past, which is over. This is why all memory is dead. It is past - only the present moment is the real memory. The present moment is an experience of reality, not a mental concept of reality which is found in the dead memories of ones mind.

 This delusional process is maintained through books, groups and spiritual communities. But one cannot not hide from the split in ones mind, as it will express itself in some way or another. This is inevitable. One who is afraid of following the truth all the way back to ones mind might say, “This is to deep, let’s stay at a safe and superficial level.” Spiritual seekers have tried to end inner hurts and perceived external chaos through mediation, church services, church boards, special spiritual events, fire walking, repression, avoidance, tolerance, primal scream therapy, rebirthing, past life analysis, chanting, reconciliation and peace rallies, to name just a few. All of these have failed to be bring about a true consistency of inner peace. They are all experiences. Attempts to change the outer through the exchange of words or the improvement of the environment makes for more confusion - one still remains lost in a cloud of conflict which is why history repeats itself. There is no love outside. Love is beyond ones thoughts or experiences.

 The sleepy mind is always looking for a fix to its inner lack; it will use anything to avoid looking directly at its arising thoughts and emotions. It even uses the idea of spirituality to hide in. It believes there is something to get in the book or the workshop, the world; some even leave workshops disappointed, because it wasn’t a special experience that could be remembered. Avoidance of Self produces nothing but heartache and confusion. Internal avoidance is the root of all pain in this world. Love is not found in concepts, dogmas, or in the pride of principles and theologies and methods. Love is not found in behavior modification in the name of belief. This is only acting, pretending, trying on a role. These actions deny love.

 Mind-watching is the flowering of love. Mind-watching without judgment is the light; the substance that awakens the flower's perfume deep within; awakening the one sweet nectar - the nectar of eternal life. When one accepts ones sole Responsibility - the responsibility of sight, meaning seeing life as total, not partial - this acceptance is the acceptance of ones innocence as a whole. When one denies all concepts as divisionary, then ones innocence is brought froth through the unification of the totality. When one denies this truth –wholeness- one separates oneself from the whole, and experiences life as a fragment in a vicious world. God created the whole, not the partial. Awaken to the perfume of your Self through mind watching. Accept the only real truth; God is not partial. God is Love. Accept this one truth and one will see its bloom.

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