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On Knowing your Purpose

Participant: Can you talk some about figuring out what my purpose in life is? How do you find your purpose?

Speaker: The clearer you get and the more you go into it, it’s like a joy that is just impelling. It’s a joy when you start getting clear. Then when you connect and join with people, what you say is what you need to hear. The awareness of that comes in more and more.

Participant: How do you know when you follow that desire to share that the ego isn’t going to take that over?

Speaker: That’s the key of what I want to get into. The Holy Spirit is purpose. The ego doesn’t know what purpose is. It doesn’t know what meaning is because it doesn’t come from meaning. It never had a consistent role model so to speak and it is very inconsistent and erratic. It doesn’t know what it wants. It just keeps grabbing and searching for things in the world: the perfect relationship, the perfect car, the perfect college degree. The ego is always playing this game, ‘I will be happy when (fill in the blank). ’ And what is behind this game is this belief that if you can get the right situation, your dream world of the form you think will bring you happiness, then go for your dream. Some people want the American dream and when they finally get the wife, the house, the dog and even the picket fence then they don’t know why they wanted all that. The ego is always saying that there is some form that will bring you happiness.

What the Course teaches is that there is a Purpose in our mind and not a form that will bring us happiness. There is a great line in the Course that says, “When you decide upon the form that you want, you lose the understanding of its purpose.”

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