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The Importance of an Invitation

Questioner: How do you deal with people who have all these beliefs about the body? It may be that they are taking lots of supplements or have certain types of diets or exercise regimes? Do you ever say anything to them unsolicited?

Speaker: No, it’s really upon invitation. When someone is going through the mind training and you have been invited into their home and they are very sincere about this they may say, “Please help me out in any way that you can. Please point out anything that you see that could be helpful in releasing the ego in my mind training.” That is a really open invitation and what could be shared then is not so much attempting to correct a brother but just answering the call. But when I am traveling around and people may talk about dietary things or they may seem to be addicted or trapped or enslaved by a number of things, I am there to join and to rejoice in the joy of the moment. Really those things like you were just sharing are not concerns at all. We talked quite a lot about this because we have stayed with people who seem to be struggling in many areas but are not actively asking for things to be pointed out or to be helped in those specific ways. It’s been a great experience for me because people will say, ‘Oh I so enjoyed your visit and I just loved your being here’, and they appreciate the joy and the peace and the sense of non-judgment.

That inspiration is then more likely to have them make those inner changes that are necessary to let some of those behavior patterns fall away than being specifically told 'look at this and look at that, etc.’ which can feel like judgment or being criticized. Really the invitation is essential before I will go and point those things out. Those are the kind of experiences where you’re joining in this awakening. Just live as you would live and let’s share the joy and as we go much deeper we'll uncover many ego defense mechanisms, which is really where the problem is. It’s in the mind, it’s not in the behaviors. Those just come automatically from the beliefs and the thoughts. I really try to join with people in purpose and work with the beliefs and the thoughts and really don’t notice the behaviors.

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