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Holy Spirit Vows of Union

We come together today to
join our minds in a shared Purpose,
and to demonstrate the true meaning of Union.
Our joining is a symbol to be used for the
expression of Divine Love and Oneness.

To join together in and of itself
is not a cause for celebration -
for in itself it has no meaning.
But cause for celebration and joy
is in the Purpose which this joining serves.

Our Vow is God's Will,
to follow the Voice of the Holy Spirit.
In this purpose we will find
the source of our joy and peace.

In loving you as I love myself I see that
there is nothing of you to be possessed -
for what you are, I am also.

I acknowledge that Love is allowing
you to be Who you are, to shine your Light
and to follow the voice of the the Inner Guide.

We remember that faithful Allegiance
is to the Father and His voice alone.
We come together to support one another,
to be witnesses of love and non-judgment
and for forgiveness. In releasing one another we are freed.
In forgiving one another we are forgiven,
and in loving one another we are loved.

May our joining be a symbol
of the commitment we are making
to this highest Calling.
We have come together only to
serve Him who sent us.
We are here only to be truly helpful,
and to fulfill the commitment
we are making to our Father in Heaven,
that we may remember our True Identity
as a Child of God.

In God we are Joined,
and what God has brought together
can never be separated.
In Love All Is One.


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