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Going Deeper part 12 

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

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The Direction is Inward

Speaker: Inward is where the light can be found; the light in the mind that the false beliefs and the concepts and the constructs have covered over. Inward is where happiness is, is where love is. In a sense it’s a direction outward-inward, not looking outward to the projections, to the idols to complete me.

Participant: So removing the obstacles to that love is removing those constructs from my mind.
Speaker: Or disidentifying from those constructs.

Participant: Ok, yes, it’s recognizing they are just constructs. In a sense there’s nothing to remove, it’s just recognizing that constructs is all that they are, like you say, not identifying with them but disregarding them.

Speaker: Yes. It’s not a destroying process; this isn’t a process of destroying the false or destroying the evil. It’s a matter of not being fooled, not believing that the false is true, not believing that the unreal is real. You know, truth is a recognition. But you have to be able to look and identify the false as false before you can experience that recognition. It’s really a sorting out of thoughts, that the Holy Spirit is helping the mind with. And false thoughts are no longer valued and are no longer invested in. In a sense they fade,

Participant: because they’re recognized for what they are.

Speaker: Yes. So life just becomes One Big Holy Encounter. It’s an inward direction of how to step out of the maze of time and space. The inner voice, the intuition, the Holy Spirit keeps guiding the mind to let go of the limited constructs. It’s a sorting out of the false from the true or helping the mind to stay at the mind level. Not raise the body thoughts, the world thoughts and the attack thoughts to the level of mind. It’s to see a projection as a projection. The way the projection goes can seem to be like a hall of mirrors. If you put two mirrors back to back and you look in and you can just seem to see the images of the person looking in a mirror, just fragmented and split. It just seems to go on and on and on, tinier and tinier and tinier. In a sense that’s the way that the mind deceives itself.

Another good example would be television; the invention in the projected world that mirrors images. It seems like the image, the person, watches more images, that the projection continues to fragment and splinter and so on so forth, but it’s simply the fragmentation of images that seems to be the multiplicity of the world as more images are produced in television and advertising and distribution of products. Just more variety and more things to see and do and everything; just a multiplication of images, when in fact, that’s all just part of the construct. A hundred times zero or a thousand times zero is still zero! Things aren’t getting worse in the world; things aren’t getting better in the world. The world is the world.

There is a way of seeing the entire world as a fabric; of not ordering the thoughts and not judging, that literally releases the mind from its belief in littleness. And in that sense television is just a neutral in the sense that it can be used by the mind, by the Holy Spirit or the trained mind to help just to see the false as false and to not buy into particular images. To the untrained mind these images reinforce the beliefs in separation and fragmentation in the mind. So to the untrained mind, the learning of the world continues with television, the perceptions that the mind sees and the fragmentations and the things it sees are just reinforced as being real. The beliefs continue to be reinforced as being real.

So for a child watching television for many, many hours it can seem that the projections are reinforced and the images are reinforcing the beliefs in the mind. So it can be very helpful to take time with the child to talk and ask “what does that mean to you”, and really start to speak and use the dialogue, the conversation and whatever is on the screen as a teaching-learning device. To talk about the meaning that is given and to get into a discussion of values and to use it as a way to get into questions of deeper levels of the mind.

Participant: That’s when the Holy Spirit is at work; to use the images as part of training the mind to greater discernment and sorting out the true from the false.

Speaker: And if one doesn’t have a lot of time to sit down and talk with the child who’s watching TV it can be helpful to very carefully select programs that are reinforcing more helpful values as well as to limit television when it’s unsupervised or when there is no one to really discuss with and go into the different meanings and everything. So this is a case of taking it down to a presenting problem which for a lot of people television is, it’s something of the area, the arena, a part of their life that they really have some questions about. It can seem to be very seductive. Sitting there and watching these images seem to present a picture of reality. But once again, it has nothing to do with reality in the ultimate sense. Like with everything else, it can be used as a symbol by the Holy Spirit to undo the false concepts, as well as it can be used by the ego for the purpose of reinforcing the beliefs in fragmentation and victim-victimizer. And the ego can also be very drawn to competition, battles, fights and so on so forth because that reinforces the belief in competition. Seen right or seen differently the same images are simply seen as a call for help or in the ultimate sense seen as unreal, to a trained mind. It can be used as a tool for release. It can also be helpful to look at the intention in my mind; what is it for, for me? If I’m trying to get something from it, what is it that makes me value one program over another?

Participant: And that gets back to the thinking that it is something to be gotten, right, that I’m not already whole and complete and full?

Speaker: Yes, the discerning between the Holy Spirit’s and the ego’s purpose. When you’re talking about the body identification you could break it into many ways and levels in the world; in the sense of fashion; to seek training the body; to look for a more standardized form of beauty; accepted beauty, weight loss and just on and on and on and on. The important thing is to get at the purpose. The ego’s purpose is a focus on the body because the body is its chosen home. It tells the mind that the body is its chosen home and even though the body is not a very good home for the mind in the sense that it is fallible, it breaks down and so on. The ego wants to emphasize the form identity because that’s what protects it in the mind, the form identification; the substitute is what protects the belief in separation. So therefore, you can look at the intention, it comes down to pulling it back away from thinking that you can see the ego in any thing or anywhere. I mean some people might say well, a shopping mall, you know, with all of the emphasis on the form, the body and the clothing, the convenience and all the different services made available to the body; is like the temple of the ego. And you could use that metaphorically, but ultimately remember that the desires for the things of the world are in the mind.

Participant: Not in the shopping mall. ?

Speaker: Not in the shopping mall, once again it’s just getting past level confusion. Here we can discuss the meaning of altars, like in the old sense, having a temple with an altar, a very holy place, altars are like devotions or desires and what the mind is devoted to really says it all, I mean it’s coming back and seeing past the ego’s tricks and withdrawing the devotions from the ego.

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