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Going Beyond the Obvious part 1 – Wanting the Experience

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

David: I was discussing the idea of forgetting and remembering. When you become a better forgetter, you become a better rememberer. Forgetting helps you remember. As you forget the world, as you forget the ego belief system simultaneously, you remember Heaven, or you remember right mindedness.

Friend: In order to remember.

Friend: Even when we get to this depth, I still have this sense; that this feeling I get that I want to know more, I want to go further, I want that to happen. That’s when I become really aware of that fear of letting go of the world, letting go of what seems to be familiar. Just this room here, these bodies here, all that; that seems comfortable and it seems like I need some reassurance that what is real is going to be familiar. I guess the words are in there, I can read them, but I haven’t had that experience yet. It seems to me what I keep hoping for is some intermediate experience that assures me it is okay to let go of the world. It seems to me that this would be helpful to be able to do that a few times.

David: If you want it how can you not have it? Desire is at the center, desire is like your altar, the beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, your perception spring out from that. When your altar is defiled then you have beliefs that aren’t of God, you have thoughts that don’t come from God, you have emotions that don’t have anything to do with God and you have perceptions on the outer ring that may even seem comfortable or familiar but they are distorted, very twisted, very unstable. So if you really desire that; how can you not have that? That’s one of the things we have been going over and over, that that’s the only thing you really need have, is that desire, that willingness.

It was the desire that brought that to your mind, it wasn’t the action of putting some pills into the body that bought that about, but it was that desire of your mind. That was the witness to your desire for awakening. No different from what we describe when somebody seems to have a near death experience. Or they seem to have a mystical high the way they talk sometimes about a runner’s high. They try and explain it with endorphins and all this body chemistry and this and that, but oh no, that’s not the source of the mystical experience; it’s always the mind. When you came in we were talking about the reasoning of the world which was saying that you are the cause of what I do, while you attack I must be innocent, as if there was a cause or attack outside one’s own mind. Basically the sentence you walked right in on was, “It seems sensible, because it looks as if the world were hurting you. And so it seems as if there is no need to go beyond the obvious in terms of cause.” T-27.VII.3

See that’s when you are feeling a lack of energy, or like I don’t know if I want to look at my mind so closely I would rather have a nice easy breezy relaxing day doing some other stuff than to look so closely at my mind. It’s because the mind believes, it seems as if there is no need to go beyond the obvious in terms of cause. Well the mind figures that the reason you are tired is because you only got so many hours sleep or you didn’t get the proper food to eat or you didn’t get any exercise. All those things are part of the thinking of the world, that thinks it knows why there is a fatigue, etc. I have heard before people say they don’t have the perseverance with the Course, they have a lack of interest. They get more lackadaisical, they say I need to surround myself with people who are more intense, or who are studying the Course more, this and that. As if somehow magically, by having other bodies around that are reading or talking about the words would intensify ones desire to study the Course. It may seem that way but what has happened when people have come together in community to try to live the Course is they come together and the very thing they thought would intensify their desire makes them run into corners and say Get me out of here!

They don’t want to look so closely at their mind and their own thoughts and beliefs so there are all these subtle ways. The answer Jesus gives is that it seems as if there is no need to go beyond the obvious in terms of cause, but he says there is indeed a need to go beyond the obvious.

Friend: To go beyond the backward thinking.

David: Yes. When you say you would like some intermediate experiences, not just the words, you can think of words as just like tools or they are symbols for the mind. They are just symbolic. Everything you are hearing has just the meaning you gave to it. So if your desire becomes so single and so focused and so intense and so clear that then everything you perceive will be a witness to that. You will be able in short to hear the Holy Spirit in everything. All things are echoes of the voice for God. All things are lessons that God would have me learn. It turns it around from thinking Oh it’s great, we have all these sessions, we talk and we have all these words but I want the experience. You know kind of separating them apart. For me experience is not apart from the words. When I have my intention to be truly helpful the words just flow, or the words are just symbolic of the experience. What I am feeling is the experience, the words are like just coming off like off shoots of it.

We will talk about that a lot too because that has been one of the things we’ve been going into. We were actually talking about that this morning, the whole thing about making an idea of something. You can take an idea from the Course… The one we were choosing this morning is, “The truth is the true, and nothing else is true.” W-152.3. Nice idea, and yet as long as there is still backward thinking involving sexuality, involving exercise, involving food, involving all the seeming aspects of the world; as long as there is backward thinking, as long as I believe there is something causative in the world; then what meaning does “The truth is the true, and nothing else is true” have? It is kind of like an idea sentimentally like, sentimentally that sounds good, but my experience seems to be divorced from the idea. So we just investigate everything that seems to stand in the way from that being the experience. Just hang in there.

Friend: This morning I was sitting and feeling really tired and really getting slightly depressed, feeling the depression and then I started to get in touch with the feeling like I don’t have any future. I have gotten rid of this projected future and yet I’m not sure what I have replaced it with. And then I knew that even if I followed that out the depression can’t be the end. It doesn’t end in a sad ending so there has to be a way out of this and I started to think I have to stay with being on purpose and go over there, do the session, and I do feel much better now.

David: In the logistics meeting, it came up to have a mission statement for the pamphlets and I was suggesting that there be one drawn up. So this morning it came through—the mission statement, a short concise little thing—and our friend was coming down and joking and he was saying “I didn’t know what I was and now I have something.” So if you feel depressed and you have no future well there you go, that can be your anchor.

Editor’s note: The mission statement is: God Is

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