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The Goal of A Course in Miracles

The Course often speaks about its aim; not seeking for the light, God, or Truth, but true forgiveness, the undoing of the ego and its thought system. Its primary focus is the Atonement, which is complete forgiveness, rather than God. God is, but the blocks to Love's awareness seem to obscure that Reality. The theology is presented to the learner in order to help the learner to distinguish between illusions and truth so that the blocks to Love's awareness can be removed. Its purpose is not to make the words special or religious or sacred. Its only purpose is to give the split mind the tools to choose the Holy Spirit by seeing what is false, therefore healing the split. The perceiver learned the perceptual realm of time and space and now time and space will be used to unlearn. True religion is found not in the word, or a sacred text, it is found in the undoing of the belief that sacredness is found in form.

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