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An Introduction to the Fundamental Idea of 'Form and Content'
a Message from the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit: I am content. When your mind is riveted on me, on the holy purpose of healing Gods son, then you know what the world is for.

To focus solely on content is to give the world a unified purpose. It is only by seeing past the egos separate purposes; form-based purposes, that true happiness and joy can be found.

The world of form, of specifics, was made as an attack on God, as a hiding place for the mind that was terrified of the believed repercussions of separating from God. The mind is addicted to form because form is a defense against truth. The mind that believes it separated from God is terrified of the truth – it has become totally dependent on form for its survival because it believes that its source of life is within the world of form.

To perceive specifics and treat them as whole units in and of themselves is to close the mind to healing. The mind that is focused on form is asleep, in that it has forgotten oneness, wholeness, communion, God. The way back to this remembrance is through the healing of distorted perception. A unified purpose is given and is to be transferred and applied to every aspect of the mind, to every experience, in order to return the mind to a focus on content. Content sees two categories, love and a call for love. Every moment is an opportunity to join in the holy instant where there is no past, no bodies and no world.

To focus on form is idol worship. To decide upon form goals and outcomes is to lose the understanding of purpose.

The mind is always choosing. A decision is made in every moment and the focus is either on form or on content. The ego’s use of form; the body, the world and all forms of communication, are pride, pleasure and attack. Form is used to build a self concept, the self concept is used in competition with what is perceived to be other self concepts, and defense and attack become major distractions. Every war, from the grand scale of a world war and genocide, to a battle of wills over who will wash the dishes this evening, stem from a focus on form. Only when a brother is seen as a body can upset and attack be experienced. Only when the world of form is seen as causative can defense even be considered.

To focus on form is to judge. Form is the past; form is an illusion of the past. The mind that reacts to anything of this world, including interactions with brothers, is reacting to the past, to associations that are held in mind. Success and failure in this world are always judged upon form outcomes. E.g. Did the couple stay together? Did the job get finished? Were you hired or fired – shall we celebrate or commiserate?

Content sees all things as the same. Content sees all brothers as one. Content sees every moment as an opportunity to forgive, to release the past, to offer a reminder of innocence, and to remember that all things, past, present and yet to come are gently planned by One who knows the best outcome for all concerned. When all things are seen to be working together for good, the mind can rest. When the mind is at rest, love returns to awareness.

To begin to turn away from this deeply ingrained and completely upside down belief system takes a great willingness and trust. Every belief is to be loosened from the mind and seen as having an unreal cause. God is Cause. God is the Source of life.

Moment by moment I will work with your beliefs, taking your step by step as you unwind your mind from the many false concepts that you believe keep you safe and make you happy. Only the release from these false beliefs can bring you true happiness and lasting peace.

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