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Are These My Thoughts? 

Editor's note: This transcript has been lightly edited to bring clarification to certain points of the dialogue and for easier readability. For this reason, it does not match the corresponding audio mp3 word-for-word. However, the overall content and the expressed ideas remain unchanged.

Participant 1: We make the change at the level of thought, like in the review it says “my mind holds only what I think with God”. I like that it holds that. But, when I have a judgmental thought, do I bless it right away or what do I do? After I realized that I made a judgment do I stop right there and say, bless this; forgive me or do I just say, ‘Hey, that’s meaningless.’ and let it go?

Speaker: You just see the false as false. The first statement you made; My Mind holds only what I think with God. Whew! That’s just like I am as God created me. That’s the ultimate release. But, that’s not where you start with it because all these attack thoughts and all these judgments are in the mind and it would be denial to say, ‘I didn’t think that thought.’ Denial and repression comes in because the mind literally doesn’t want to look at those because it believes they’re true. So, it stuffs them out of awareness.

What the Course is saying is when the train of judgmental thoughts come you just notice them. And the more you study this thought system the more you’ll be able to recognize those judgment and backwards thoughts. At first, it’s terrifying because the mind still believes that they’re real and true and that’s where the guilt comes in. The release from guilt will come eventually from seeing that that thought’s not me. Remember we’re trying to detach from the thoughts. As invested as we are in bodies, houses, worlds and clothes, just imagine how invested the mind is to its thoughts because it believes it’s got this private world of thoughts in there.

An ego thought might be thank goodness so and so can’t read my mind tonight because of what I’m thinking. The underlining belief of the ego is I’m a separate person and at least I’ve got the calm appearance out here and oh gosh, if these people only knew all the reactions and judgments that I’m having all night, then they’d really see who I am. The underlining belief behind that is that I have a private mind. A private mind that’s separate and that’s a belief too; that’s a deep one to start with. That’s why it seems like when you first start working with the Course and all this stuff starts coming up. The guilt comes from, look at these thoughts and they’re me, these are really me! The mind does not detach from those thoughts from the beginning. It really believes that they are my real thoughts and boy, if people only knew what was going on. Jesus just slowly starts to say: They’re backwards. They’re the imposter.

Participant 2: Early on it says that darkness can’t hide and you wouldn’t even want it to. There’s no point in it. [Laughter]

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