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Basic ACIM Application Errors

Spiritual Specialness

The guru / cult phenomenon (the leader / follower roles)
The superiority of ACIM (in comparison to other paths)
The ACIM Group (as substitute for self-concept)
The ACIM Conference or Events (as special event / opportunity)
The uniqueness of ACIM (as a thing in and of itself)

Level Confusion

World / cosmos seen as caused by cosmic event in the past (Big Bang) or caused by God in the past (In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth).

Body and bodies seen as originally caused by God (God created man and woman, along with heavens and earth) or originating from the right mix of cosmic conditions and evolving in form over time). In either case, bodies continue to be caused by other bodies (procreation: intercourse / pregnancy / birth cycles) all of which are the product of body / world conditions and events over time (heredity and genetic adaptations to environmental conditions).

Behavior seen as autonomous to each body, and caused by a combination of variables including past conditioning from conditions / events in the world / cosmos (through parents, siblings, schooling, peer influences, media, etc.) Innate bodily desires and reflexes (hunger, thirst, sex drive, maintenance of body temperature, etc.) hereditary influences and psychological desires (achievement, power, control, recognition, variety, status, etc.)

Body sensations seen as caused by internal physiological processes (involving for example; hormones, or neuropeptides) which are controlled by the human brain and also seen as caused by the interaction of the body’s senses with stimuli from the world which surrounds the body, though mediated by individual physiological variables (tolerance for pain, etc.)

Emotions / feelings seen as caused by external situations / conditions / events in world / cosmos and by physiological processes and conditions of the brain / body.

Individual “personal” thoughts and beliefs caused by accumulated learning from the past which are constantly being adapted and shaped by history and people and events that are a part of one’s personal experience.

Individual “personal” desires and preferences – those internal motives, attitudes and temperaments which makes each person unique and different from everyone else are either caused by God or are just caused as part of the human condition in a world / cosmos of diversity.

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