How to Be Happy

Awakening-through-A-Course-in-Miracles-David-Hoffmeister-ACIM-bookThis book clarifies the essential wisdom of A Course in Miracles in a progressive way, from the basic to the most advanced teachings. It focuses on practical application, bringing true peace, joy, and clarity. The book is a thorough compilation of many of David’s teachings. It will show you how to:

-Forgive all your relationships
-Experience unshakable inner peace
-Overcome pain, loneliness, and death
-Find real strength and love of God
-Awaken now

“A book that gives the real scoop on A Course in Miracles is a treasure for any serious student of its teaching. David Hoffmeister does just that in his book Awakening through a Course in Miracles. I learned from it and so will you.” -Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love